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Noting the individual Sharks targeted are known to have territories over 100,000 square kilometres and the baits are laid in a couple of square kilometres near beaches close to Perth, it's hard to see how the killing of a small number of sharks will reduce the risk. Let's face it, the concerns over the sharks has mainly come from the action of the shark fin fishers in south east asia, and the emotion reaction to the wastage of the majority of the beast while only cutting off the "worthless to western sensibilities" of the sharks dorsal fin. So while it's unlikely our governments political will save a single life, it is unlikely that the death of 20 or so sharks will make much of a difference to the breeding populations. So my opinion is the government should invest the money in drones that will detect sharks in the shallows and a warning system that works that alerts swimmers and surfers to leave the water until the threat departs.