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Thank you Mark for putting some rationality into the debate. The argument I have been using with cull protestors has been that we are only trying to protect a small proportion of our coast line. How could that truly impact overall shark numbers. I just don't understand their anger. It is so irrational and misplaced, egged on by some truly staggering exaggerations by the professional protesters and typical rent-a-crowd.. Thankfully Colin knows that the vast majority of people support him. The losers in this debacle are Mr. McGowan, as he has sided with the Greens again rather than the average bloke who just wants to be safe when he is at the beach. When the chai drinking Fremantle crowd have gone on to the next thing to protest about, the average man and woman will look at Colin and see a guy who stuck by his idea (even if it could be better communicated) rather than sided with some irrational exuberant protesters or did a back flip to appease a small sub-group.