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Thanks again for your rational and considered contribution. I agree that the Qld stats can be a little overdone - the single death figure cited is in relation to beaches that have drum line/net protection - so its not comparing like with like. From the stats I have seen (hard to get - try this but i have yet to verify) shark fatalities in Qld in recorded history are 69 prior in approx 99 years before 1962 when nets/drum lines were introduced and 30 in the 51 years hence. Sneak in a 'bit' of population growth and burgeoning ocean-based recreation (including the advent of whole international tourism industry) and I reckon the numbers fall pretty well in favour of the protection argument. As for tourism ... the hotels and airports have been full of visitors, no doubt, but the word tourist is as absent from that document. That is because 'visitors' encompasses many people coming for work (eg conventions) or visiting friends and family (VFR as the industry calls it). Perhaps I ought to make it clear that I am all for protecting species, including GWS, I just no longer believe it is threatened and, therefore, I favour culling. A variety of methods might be needed and they ought to be given a chance to show they work.