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Brad i await the cull of horses, dogs and other animals that kill humans in greater numbers each year if that is the criteria for a cull. You call the people a rent a crowd which shows your ignorance. I have never been a Green and i have a professional job however I do believe this policy is wrong and will fail just as it did in SA and Hawaii. The government rejected its own scientific advisors! Many of the protest leaders are divers, surfers and Marine Biologists who are active in the ocean daily however others are from a range of jobs. The 6,000 represented a broad section of the population 82% of whom oppose it according to polls. This policy is damaging WA's reputation abroad with countless TV and newspapers showing the killing of sharks off our coast. The people will continue this protest for as long as it takes and the government will be increasingly embarrassed just as Colin will be met with South African protestors upset he is killing GWS's that bring millions to their tourism. There is also a protest planned for the 6th in San Francisco. These will grow and the Liberal governments in Perth and Canberra will feel the heat. By the way Brad how safe does it make the beaches to have meat on hooks along beaches in the metropolitan area that scientists say will attract more sharks to the area? Why has the government said it will remove them for the Rotto swim? What happens if someone is killed on these beaches - will the government be liable? You may also want to look at the individuals from Cottesloe who threw eggs at the protestors going about their democratic duty which entitles them to have the right to protest. We have a copy of the text message sent out prior to the event including someones address from which egg throwing could be conducted. We also have pictures and testimony from people who were hit or whose car was hit. I have also checked the pro cull site which has to be seen to be believed - if you want to associate with that then by all means do so as that is your democratic right - it is choice company!