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Congratulations Colin Barnett on taking action and sticking to your decision despite the obvious media bias. This 'story' is about a fish on a hook which happens millions of times around the world each day. The question the Greens find hard to answer is at what point should we do something (apart from education). We had 7 shark deaths in the past 3 years and should we start doing something when that hits 50, 500 or 5,000 deaths per year? They refuse to answer it because their ideology states that humans should be put last in every scenario. Having 0.002% of the WA population (the extreme left 'rent a crowd') turn up at Cottesloe beach on a hot day does not warrant a change in a policy designed to protect the public nor does a placard passed to a comedian on a red carpet. The Greens are touting this as a significant victory in public opinion after the loss of 3.1% of the vote at the last federal election however fail to mention that this policy has been effective in Queensland since the 1960's.