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Thanks Paul. I appreciate a rational and point-by-point approach to criticism: it is so much more civilised than abuse. Argue all you want about rising population and tourists (where are they???) but the people who have used the water for recreation have noticed the rise in shark activity and not overnight, its been increasing exponentially for the past decade (as have the attacks if you look at them) as the shark numbers have risen. Ask the surfers down south, some of the most green-tinged people I know, and they will tell you. It is not surprising that various board riders' association have asked for sharks to be culled. I have heard too many chilling accounts from divers, surfers and others who have long experience with the WA coast and have been scarred by recent events. This is not the result of a rising number of people using the water - although that does increase the chance of attacks, for sure. These are people whose experience over decades, as witnesses to what takes place in the water, know that there are simply a lot more big sharks around. Funnily enough, I spoke last week to a long connection of mine who is about my age. She was opposed to the shark cull until a helicopter literally shooed her and children out of the water down south. On the beach, when she saw the size and proximity of the shark, her opinion changed. Fortunately, the state government hasn't waited until more people have had close calls to act. Whether or not baited hooks works will need to be proven. But one of the great things about a federation is different states can do things differently. Queensland seems to have had some success with this strategy for decades, and it hasn't been condemned by Ricky Gervais or any other 'celebrity who picks up a placard and a cause on a 20m red carpet walk. How informed. I won't address every point you made, however in referring to attacking a fisherman I didn't mean physically. I also won't get into how much this is all about the Greens preparing for a senate battle Mk II in WA. Thanks.