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It is a tragedy when someone is killed, no matter how. It is gruesome when someone is mauled by a shark under any circumstance. It is horrific when a child is disfigured by a dog, a friend is killed by a drunk driver, when the jaws of life need to pry open a car to extract them human remnants of a son or daughter. If as a state we are to continue with the stance we currently have on sharks it should also follow that we remove the most endangered drivers from the road. Those under 25. Will we do this? Lets have a grown up response to this issue and understand that surfing and the use of our beautiful coastline comes at a very small risk, otherwise lets cull crocs in the north, net jellyfish, ban smoking and drinking (cancer causes) and the list goes on. Enjoy and respect what mother earth provides, but always treat your environment with the respect it deserves, or endure the consequences.