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Mr Pownall I feel i need to react to the errors in your statements: 1. The WA governments own figures show that tourism rose in the last year and Richard Branson has said that the impact of this policy may be to reduce tourism. 2. The governments own figures show that more and more people are using the water and scientific reports indicate that this one of the reasons why there have been more spottings of sharks in WA. Look at the population growth in the last decade! 3. No one has attacked the fisherman - in fact he and the two protestors had a friendly chat caught on tape and shown around the world! 4. Mr Barnett made this an issue by not following his own Fisheries advice and the scientific advice that was given to him. This will become an ever larger issue as 82% of Australians oppose it and there is increasing condemnation around the world. He will not be able to eascpe it - in South Africa protesters will be protesting at a conference he is attending. 5. Whale figures are bouncing back however how can you say sharks figures are increasing when upto 100m are killed annually? The sharks he is targeting are on protected statuses! 6. Mr Barnett said that sharks under 3m would not be caught and that the hooks would not allow smaller fish to be hooked - as the pictures show this was wrong! 7. When was the last time a Tiger shark killed someone off Western Australia? 8. Look at the example in South Africa to see the impact on bycatch and also look at the scientific evidence including from Hawaii that demonstrate that culls do not work. 9. This is simply an attempt by the government to be seen to be doing something - it is a hysterical reaction much like the Mayor of Amity Island 10. You need to read up on your facts - science proves you wrong!