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The powers that be (PTB) never wanted more than about 20 million inhabitants in Australia (thus the difficulty with obtaining citizenship, unless perhaps one is from S.E. Asia) because the game plan all along has been to give Australia over to the Chinese to run. The PTB have probably gamed how many Aussies will leave the continent and how many they'll be able to take care of with soft kill methods, and how many will remain alive but cowed. They call this the century of change for a reason. The real question of this article should be, "Why is ANYONE paying a carbon tax?" Remember that (according to pop culture, sci-fi shows) we are "carbon-based life forms" so the century of change is about a "war", except it isn't a war ON terror; it's a war OF terror on all humans. The new world order has very little room for, or need of, most humans. This is the century of deindustrialization and austerity (poverty). Without understanding of the agenda, there is little hope that most humans will survive the agenda--especially since they are not meant to survive it. And it is a guarantee there shall be no political solution because the purpose of the dialiectic is to offer false solutions. Gov't exists primarily to serve itself and to guide people into their opinions. So most will believe that carbon causes all manner of problems and the "experts" must tell them who shall be born, the purpose of life, and when to die. If you think this is farfetched, then you're already among the walking dead.