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Tim, The headline mentions that carbon cost has 'emerged as an industry killer', yet your article provides no evidence of this and instead just rant about the high Aussie dollar, the power of internet shopping and low US gas prices. Maybe you are putting your hand up for a job with The Australian where research and facts are irrelevant. Those who bothered to do minimal research will understand that under Australia's carbon price mechanism businesses that have significant carbon costs, and have to compete with international companies, will be compensated 66 or 94.5% of their carbon costs. I.e. carbon costs will not be significant for companies that compete with international companies. What does this mean in real world terms: Nickel produces - the clean ones will be overcompensated (receive money), the dirty ones will be a minimal carbon price. Ditto for all emissions intensive trade exposed industries. The companies that are not compensated are those that don't compete with international companies. I.e. China will not be exporting electricity to us any time soon. Please let me know if you need me to point you in the direction of the relevant information so that you can do some research next time. Journalism at its worst.