John Holland says it is not responsible for the lead contamination in the water at the new Perth Children's Hospital.

John Holland puts lead blame back in govt's court

The head contractor building the new Perth Children’s Hospital dropped a bombshell this morning, with the project’s manager saying the company is not responsible for the lead-contaminated water, and that water being delivered to the site already contains the harmful  metal.


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There have been extraordinary circumstances during the construction of this major hospital and ongoing sequential delays in handing over and operating the hospital. What I want to know is whether sabotage has been considered as a cause(s) and whether this needs investigation?

Last September I wrote the following: Bass Wazni Bass Wazni 4 months ago Water corporation pointed out that they carry out annual lead testing in the water supplied to the area, including Perth Children's Hospital AND water supply schemes do not contain any lead fixtures or fittings. But,this is half of the truth. The other half is that drinking water treatment chemicals contain lead in its composition. Lead is one of the ingredients in almost all chemicals used for purifying and treating potable water at the source. Although it is in very small amount but if a malfunction occurs in chemicals' dosing pumps or the bulk chemicals are off specifications, then lead will exceed the maximum contaminant limit at the end users taps. These chemicals are; Aluminum sulfate, Chlorine, Copper Sulfate, Sodium hydroxide, Hydrofluorosalsilic acid, sulfuric acid, Sodium Fluoride , Calcium hypochlorite, etc... At the source, there are also many other water purification process changes that may affect the corrosivity of the supplied water causing lead to increase at end users taps. Annual testing is not enough although it is complying with drinking water standards requirement but it is not the best practice for this toxic element that will directly affect the health of the consumers. Bassam El Wazni

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