The plan to close Brearley Avenue has caused consternation among local residents and businesses in the City of Belmont.

Concern over Belmont road closure

A planning stoush is emerging in the City of Belmont over the proposed closure of Brearley Avenue, with residents, landowners and businesses lobbying the council to reconsider its plans.


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Actually Season Funerals are a new business to the area and should have considered DA6 plans before starting up. The closure of Brealey Avenue is a good thing, people are just running scared of change. I live in the DA6 zone and welcome the oncoming changes... as do many other residents and business'. In fact no one has put their property on the market in DA6 for some years as they are mainly exited about the changes to come. Dan Wilke, negativity is what you in the media do like to focus on, however please report on the positives for this change... I believe by 2020 most people around Perth will like it.

Ascot Medical and other business's along Boulder Ave and GEH will also be affected..not just Seasons.. Boulder Avenue will be a left turn out (as at present) and a left in off GEH AFTER 2035 when MRWA will look at upgrading GEH and at that point there will be NO right hand turns into any business on GEH. As a resident I am not 'running scared of changes' what I am more scared of is people in the suburb who do not understand the implications of the Development Area 6. The City of Belmont refuses to rezone the DA6 at present and if you want to do redevelopment (2 houses if you have a 900 block) or build an extension on the back of your property your application will be refused..your course of action will be to front a DAP (development assessment panel)and maybe you will get your wish.. 800 blocks stand no chance until rezoning...and you (or a developer) will need your next door neighbour to come to the party.. No rezoning = lower prices.. To have the same amenity as you have now with your property you will need another $200,000 just to buy another property 300 metres away across Tonkin Highway... Will that be better? To access your property use Epsom Ave and Stanton St? The traffic down those two streets will be horrific with ratrunners to the airport.. Hire trucks/Aust Post/StarTrack will all use Stanton ..or straight down Central to GEH... read and interpret the volumes of literature that have been generated by the DA6 Vision Plan... Don't take the word of community open days and community feedback will not get free wifi and a veggie garden and a coffee shop and every thing will be wunnerfull ... The train station is a crock and was 'given' so that a liberal could get a traditional labor I belong to a political party? NO!... $2.2 billion for 2 train lines in tunnels 8km long...Think about it.. At the most (by 2025..5 years after the railway opens) 8-15,000 passenger trips total/day... Mandurah station today had 27,000 passenger trips... It's yours and my tax money that's paying for this, not passengers, the line will not pay for itself in its don't say the residents are happy ... 140 signatures said we are not... 0 signatures said we were happy....

I agree with you in every way and I thought I should express my support for any future readers to see. The posters below do not represent me at all and I am a DA6 home owner on Central Ave. There seems to be a continuous pounding of drums by 8 or so locals who appear to be completely anti change to our area (standing in the way of progress). I for one welcome development and investment into the area as it is well overdue and at the point where it looks dilapidated. Rezoning will commence when appropriate planning is in place and we will all be better off for it

140 Coolgardie Avenue, Redcliffe WA 6104
People living in DA6 proper are facing major upheaval in their lives and while there have been vague suggestions about capitalising on our properties, we have not seen the colour of anyone's money. In the meantime, it is the people who actually live in DA6 proper (and not greater Belmont) who have nothing to look forward to except living in a construction zone for the next 10 years, with reduced road access. Mr Harrison obviously does not have children attending Redcliffe Primary school, which will bear the brunt of increased volumes of traffic trying to navigate through the suburb to get home or to the local shops. Sure, once the suburb has been built out, it could be great - but in the mean time - it's likely to become very unpleasant for those of us at ground zero. We're not knocking progress Mr Harrison just asking the government to cut us battlers a reasonable break to get there.

Closing Brearley Ave is just another Main Roads "We are a law unto our selves" Project. Main Roads wants it closed and that is that. As they commented at one of the Community Reference Group Meetings "Brearley is closing, Get over it" What was the point of them being at the CRG meetings if they had already made up there minds. All Mains roads are doing is creating a safety hot spot between Brearley and Coolgardie and they are too blind to see it.

Brearley Avenue in a modified form needs to remain open as an 'on demand' single lane right turn of GEH...NO right turn out of Brearley Avenue onto GEH but with a left hand turn slip lane towards the City..The single lane 'in' TERMINATES at First Street.. Between Boulder and Kanowna ... It does NOT intersect with with Central Ave. unfortunately MRWA and the Water Corp think they 'own' the Brearley Avenue road reserve and appear to be setting up this (when Brearley Avenue supposedly closes) land to be sold off to private developers by LandCorp and the WAPC...This land should be returned to Crown Land and REMAIN as Crown Land until such time as the various authorities realise that this 32 hectare residential zoned (up to 8,000 residents in 4,000 dwellings by 2031 project finished) needs more vehicle access (City of Belmont being 'green' and recycled rubbish alone will see a traffic jam of rubbish trucks on a Friday entering and leaving the DA6. Yes reinstate the road grid in the DA6.. Look at the picture of the DA6 in the article ...the newly modified Brearley Avenue should follow the 'living stream' (see 14 on the map) it is only 110 more metres of road .

138, Coolgardie Ave Redcliffe
It may not show as many people commenting on this Brearley avenue closure, but those of us who are making comments are actgually representing 100's of other local residents. Those people also want Brearley Ave left open as a safe access into DA6. The Community Reference Group was, after all, formed to represent the general community. This group, CRG, Has not and Is still not being listened to. Perhaps it is time for this matter to be investigated properly by people who care about safety and other issues mentioned previously.

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