Transport Minister Dean Nalder was again promoting the Freight Link project today.

Nalder makes fresh freight link pitch

Transport Minister Dean Nalder has highlighted the social benefits of Roe 8 and touted the minimal environmental impact of the project at a lunch today, adding that the link would need to be built regardless of any move to an outer harbour.


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What pressure on intersections around Fiona Stanley hospital? I drive through the area at peak periods every day and never have any issues. Those intersections were all recently upgraded and traffic flows are fine - is this really a problem that needs to be solved? And running a high-traffic freight route through the middle of a popular recreational area is supposed to increase amenity? I think Mr Nalder is clutching at straws, but hey, at least he didn't pitch another tunnel!

The PFL is absolutely essential. The intersections around Leach Hwy, South St and Murdoch Dr are an absolute disaster and traffic is in gridlock at peak times. I hate to think what will happen when an ambulance can't get through and somebody's parent or spouse needs urgent medical attention. Building an elevated highway through an area of dry and uninspiring bush is the best option. Not only does it minimise any environmental impacts, but it will significantly reduce toxic CO2 emissions from trucks and cars who no longer have to stop and start at 14 sets of traffic lights on Leach Hwy. Roe 8 = heaven's gate. Let's get it built!

I think you're being a little loose with the facts there Percy. At South Street and Murdoch Drive you never have to wait more than one cycle of lights to get through at peak hour, and at Murdoch Drive and Leach Highway you may have to wait two cycles at most. That's nothing compared to the actual gridlock that occurs at the intersection of Risely Street and Canning Highway in peak hour, just for an example of an actual traffic hot spot. There is also ample room for traffic to move aside in the case of an ambulance, which is a regular occurrence. Do you ever actually drive through that way?

Ed, you are right with your observations now but what for the future? Personally I agree with the proposals and how they have been developed even though I hate the thought of the damage inflicted along the way. If we can stop growth, population and fiscal, we don't need need the project.

I wonder if your views on turning Perth into a massive Freeway City like LA would change if they were going to take your Family home of 20 years give you bugger all for it and said well sorry suck it up. Destroying your family and that of your neighbours are in the best interest of the state. Sorry but in your late forties you will need to start all over again. The total desecration of a few will benefit the many so it doesn't matter YOU ALL DON'T MATTER , go live in a tent ! Ignorance at its finest !!!

Well said Minister Nalder. The positive impact on property values will have big long term benefits for property owners and businesses in the region. And the minimal environmental impact far outweighs any negative issues that have been bandied about without regard for facts in many cases. Infrastructure spending like this will rebuild the WA economy, create jobs and long term economic benefits. Lets end the politics and get on with some positive stuff

Seems to be a few shills about theses days. Tianco is the company that mister Nalder is involved in isn't it? A wheat belt trucking company that benifits from the closure of about 500km of rail, closed by Nalders department that his wife's family own. A company that would directly benifit if a highway was built and a rail system scrapped. And being the either uninformed or deceitful man he is he has said the government would offset wetland with areas elsewhere. How would they re educate the migratory wild life? New Tom Tom implants. Really, the only other people who would gain from this move are concrete manufactures.

Yes, there are too many cars on our roads but building more roads is not the answer. The best and cost effective way to increase the population density in Perth is via affordable public transport. There are many smart ideas out there, an Applecross ferry, bus lanes, better cycling and walking infrastructure. Spending 2 billion (trust me, has any project this large not overshot it's budget) on a road to nowhere is idiotic.

Hi Owain - the minister did touch on those issues, but he did make the point that more than 40 per cent of traffic in Perth is commercial, which means it can't rely on cycling or public transport. Thanks for your comments!

What a load of absolute garbage. South street has basically no cars on it in the morning or the evening. The port isn't even open at night and it supposedly at capacity. You can ride your skateboard down the middle of Tydeman road at 6:45am in the morning.

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