Pharmaust takes cancer drug trial to new level

Anti cancer drug hopeful Pharmaust has appointed expert medical research company GenScript to take the trialling of their exciting anticancer drug PPL-1 to the next level.

GenScript is a leading gene, peptide, protein and antibody research partner for fundamental life science research, translational biomedical research, and pre-clinical pharmaceutical development.

They provide life sciences services and products to scientists in over 100 countries worldwide.

GenScript will trial PPL-1, sometimes known as Monepantel, in animals that are also receiving standard care drugs that are usually prescribed for that particular type of cancer.

Whilst Pharmaust have previously trialled their drug on a stand alone basis this is the first time they will trial it in conjunction with other drugs that are normally prescribed for cancer patients.

Pharmaust are looking to ensure that their drug will not react adversely when applied in conjunction with standard care anti-cancer drugs before they move to their Phase 2 trial that will see PPL-1 trialled in humans.

Part of the phase 2 trial will involve the administering of PPL-1 to human patients at the same time that they receive chemotherapy to ensure no adverse reactions are experienced.

Previous trials in animals have already shown that PPL-1 can significantly enhance chemotherapy without the associated enhancement of toxicity.

In its phase 1 trial, Pharmaust demonstrated that its PPL-1 drug was successful in reducing cancer markers in humans. 




Most impressive first round results. The phase one trials on patients were for only 3 to 7 days in length on untreatable tumours. The market seems unaware of the news since the stock has gotten very cheap.

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