State govt starts legal action against Uber

Legal action is being taken against ride-share company Uber for not having the appropriate licence to operate in Western Australia.


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Uber is fantastic. It is a disrupter, an innovator, and an enabler. Having taken over 20 rides via Uber, not one bad experience - can't say the same with taxi's. Cheaper rides, nicer cars, better service, easy ordering, no cash exhanges/awkwardness, 360 feedback on each ride, bottled water and even mints. Taxi companies can up their game to compete, but a monopoly isn't good for anyone, competition benefits both riders and service providers, the people have spoken globally and Uber is here to stay.

This comment pretty much reflects almost everything I've heard about Uber so far. It is ridiculous to try to stop a better and cheaper service just because the old system has so many vested interests. Newspapers, radio and television are losing out to online alternatives every day ... you don't see 'old media' employees protesting for the government to save their jobs. The world changes and we have to move with it. The taxi industry must do the same.

People vote with their wallets and if the WA taxi industry lifted its game and didn't supply smelly dirty cabs perhaps they could complete. As consumers we should have the right to choose who we spend our money with. This is just a sign of our State Government seeing a better business model as a threat to one of their revenue streams. Where's the far competition in that?

Hard to believe the government is disbanding the antiquated Potato Marketing Board AND trying to squash Uber in the same week. Talk about a split personality!

I am a new Uber user as at today (thanks to the lack of taxis!). As a customer, I love Uber!! Can't stop talking about it to my wife. I think the WA State Government has a great opportunity to be a pioneer in opening up this industry to a set of innovation-friendly rules and regulations. This is your chance, State Government!!

The taxi industry is like 'the little boy with his finger in the dyke'. You cannot stop the progression of technology. If Uber is a threat then the taxi industry needs to look at what is wrong with themselves. Been said a thousand times. Old cars, drivers without local knowledge etc etc. The word really is provide the service the customer wants.

At the end of the day it comes down to service. So far the Uber service has surpassed the regulated taxi system in every way. The government needs to reflect on what is best for it's citizens and develop new regulations that can include Uber drivers (perhaps with a revised testing and verification system) and bring the old-school taxi system up to the same level of reliability and service that consumers are now expecting.

I agree with all of the comments above, Uber is a far better service than any taxi I have ever used. The government needs to listen to the people!!!!!

Uber is everything that a free market should reflect; it has responded to the demands of the consumer and actually exceeded their expectations, uses technology efficiently and highly effectively, has reduced costs to both the drivers and the users and has a slick marketing profile behind it. The government and the taxi industry and crying because they didn't, couldn't or wouldn't listen to their customers demanding a better service.

Osborne Park
Uber reflects everything a free market should be: they have met the needs of the consumer and in fact exceeded expectations, they use technology efficiently and highly effectively, they have reduced the costs for the drivers and the consumer, and they have a slick marketing profile behind them. The state govt and the taxi industry are crying because they couldn't, wouldn't and didn't respond to the demands of the market.

Can someone tell me whether Uber drivers have appropriate insurance for using their vehicles for hire, fare or reward? If not, and I am injured in an accident in such a vehicle will I have to wait for the no fault system to come into force? Or if my car is damaged by a vehicle being used for a Uber fare and they aren't appropriately insured I guess I will have to seek recovery directly from the owner of the vehicle.

The Government needs to get real and accept that the people want Uber and they want it because the cosy taxi industry in Perth is not providing a reasonable serviice, and never has in my recollection. Why Nalder et al want to prosecute Uber makes no sense to me, they are meant to be representing the desire of the electorate, not special interest lobby groups.

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