State lifts GM canola ban

The state government has today lifted a ban on genetically modified canola, bringing Western Australia in line with other states, following successful commercial trials last year.


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I now have no illusions that we live in a democracy with free media, in fact we live in a dictatorship. Corporations rule our leaders . Corporations claim their products are safe while knowingly poisoning people, especially children, to make a buck. Dr Judy Carmen's research will come out later this year, the first Australian gm feeding trials looking at animal health. It will be shown to be damaging to health as it has been in every independent study. At that point the OGTR, FSANZ and Redman should be jailed and day released only to pull out every GM canola plant and every volunteer plant for years to come.

Stupid, stupid decision by Redman and co. The drinks will be flowing at Monsanto's HQ tonight, and for what ? We know there are established markets demanding GM free, we know there is no yield increase for GM canola, as well as extra costs for farmers etc. We know it will spread, segregation will be impossible and of course we know that people don't want to eat the bloody stuff ! Outdated and past its use-by date, GM companies are trying a last ditch attempt to push their product here and eliminate Australia as a GM free competitor in the world market. Redman will regret this decision.

Terry Redman & Colin Barnett would have to be 2 of the biggest fools in Western Australian history. With the world demanding our GM-free canola & with over 3 million signatures from Japan (our biggest Canola buyer) saying 'don't go down the GM path', they do. Europe is much the same saying we don't want GM canola. With all the GM failures world wide & the poor farmers who feel these bad decisions & all the un-informed people who will eat this food, my heart goes out [to them]. Australia still does not label GM foods because if they did, no-one would eat it. Simple. It's obvious there are some kickbacks for the Liberal party & these 2 members from Monsanto. That's right, Monsanto. A chemical company that makes life killing chemicals & chemicals that have poisoned, killed people for years, e.g. DDT (that's now banned in Australia, PCB's, Agent orange). Their only purpose is profit, not people's health. Why do we have such idiots making big calls? Why don't people care about what they eat.

Would Terry Redman have made this decision if he was ever going to be held fully accountable for its outcomes. Outcomes for human health since all independent studies show GM causes organ damage; loss of income for conventional and organic farmers since segregation cannot be achieved; and environmantal damage due to the ever increasing use of Roundup which will ensue and which destroys soil microbial life? Of course not. He wouldn't have gone near the stuff with a barge pole with these and other issues unresolvable. Any more than Monsanto would even be manufacturing GM if they thought there was a chance in the world that they would ever have to pay for the damage they know it will do.

East Brookton
Actually, we grew the "bloody stuff", and I will happily eat it as the the gene is not present in the oil. We grew Roundup Ready Canola made available to us by the Canola Breeders of WA (not Monsanto) with a trial of Triazine Tolerant Canola, side by side in the same type of soil. On the TT Canola we sprayed initially (days before seeding) 2 litres per hectare of Atrazine (which can be residual and affect next year's cereal crop depending on rainfall). Post emergence of the Canola, we then sprayed a further 2 litres per hectare of Atrazine (residual in next year's cereal crop) to control the weeds which had emerged with the canola. We also sprayed 0.4 litres per hectare of Clethodim to assist the effectiveness of the Atrazine. On the Roundup Ready Canola, there was no chemical sprayed on at seeding. Post emergence of the canola, 900 grams per hectare of Roundup Ready Glyphosate was sprayed at the 2 leaf stage, and a further 900 grams per hectare of Roundup Ready Glyphosate was sprayed just before the 6 leaf stage. No further herbicide was sprayed on the Roundup Ready canola. The Roundup Ready Canola was a much cleaner crop than the TT Canola crop i.e. fewer weeds. And as far as yield is concerned, the Roundup Ready Canola yielded approximately 33% more than the TT Canola, and had a 2% increase in oil content. After 14 years of this technology being readily available to our competitors, I'm very pleased that the Government of Western Australia has recognised the science, choice and sustainability of Roundup Ready Canola and I congratulate Minister Redman on his decision.

The health of the public has again taken a backseat to corporate profits with the decision to lift the ban in WA. But GM crops are a uniquely bad business proposition: a product whose market acceptance is wholly dependent upon the ignorance of the end consumer, assisted by absent consumer labelling. With absolutely no identifiable benefits to the consumer yet all the risks, GM crops are simply a bad business model waiting for a massive consumer backlash - as is emerging in the U.S. After 15 years since their advent, over 90% of all GM crops are grown in just four countries - U.S, Canada, Brazil and Argentina, with most of Europe being highly GM-resistant - one of our recognised major export markets. Farm-gate incomes in the U.S have fallen since their introduction, yet the profits of the biotechs have sky-rocketed on the back of the rising costs of herbicide and fertilisers, owned by the same said biotech companies. Canny investors will listen to the consumer wire before leaping into a GM void.

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