WA public opposed to 9pm trading: survey

The people of Western Australia remain opposed to the state government's plan to introduce weeknight trading to 9pm, a survey by the WA Independent Grocers Association has shown.


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Who are these independant grocers surveying and what was the sample size? As a young professional person I know I would rather do my shopping on weeknights then have to waste the little bit of free time I have on weekend doing shopping.

If you want to feel like your living 50 years in the past, come live in Perth. I cannot understand why the public is opposed to being given the opportunity to have more flexible shopping hours. If independent grocers are pushed out of the market because of late night trading then so be it, it's the price of doing business and if the big corporations can provide what they are unable to then tough luck.

Lies, damn lies and statistics again. Surveys, votes and referenda should exclude people who work in retail as they would overwhelmingly reject longer hours - duh!!! The additional casual and part time positions created would be for school kids to get valuable work experience and income, to keep them out of Dad's pocket too - hee hee. :-) Bring on longer weeknight shopping hours and Sunday trading and get the lobbyists out of the equation. The last referendum was very poorly worded (obviously with the intention of forcing rejection). Perth is the laughing stock of the nation with our ridiculous trading hours and inconsistent rules (e.g. why Bunnings is open, but not Harvey Norman etc, why IGA supermarkets are open late and all day Sunday, but not Woollies/Coles??) Also, bring ALDI to Perth and shake up the IGA / Coles/ Woolies tri-opoly !! Cheers - 'Fred Nurk'.

Survey released by the groups who do not want late night trading. Surprised by the news? Of course their survey will show people don't want late night trading. As a family man and professional, I can say that there is no way I can do ANY shopping during their normal work hours, and having to cram my 'shopping hours' on Thurs night or else on a Saturday is pure nightmare. Go the 9pm trading hours, give the public a choice. If the retailers don't support it, fine, close your shops, and let those that do, stay open. Don't discriminate against the businesses that are willing to go the extra mile for customers.

What a load of rubbish. John Cummings and his cronies already trade til 9pm and are scared on trading on a level playing field. They want to trade and keep Coles and Woollies closed. It's time we had unlimited trading hours and hours set by what the consumer wants not John Cummings and Colin Barnett.

I would much rather do my shopping after work in the evening than waste my time on the weekend when I could be doing more enjoyable activities.

The 'Independent Grocers Association' is essentially the IGA stores. Although they are privately owned, the suggestion that they are the 'little guy' is incorrect. They buy in bulk and compete in terms of buying power with the larger supermarkets. Their prices are high, and they currently enjoy an outrageous monopoly on late night and weekend trading. Is it any wonder they are opposed to trading hours being extended to other players? The IGA near my place is always packed in the evenings and on the weekend. I know a former employee, who explained to me that the owner was making an absolute fortune from the store. Contrast that to the larger supermarkets. Like them or loathe them, the fact is that you can buy shares in Woollies or Coles. So if you think they're making a lot of profit, you can share in it! You can't buy shares in your local IGA store. And Perth people wonder why Perth consistently has the highest priced groceries in Australia! Not to mention the fact that if you want to be able to open your shop whenever you like you should be able to, and that if you want to go shopping at any time you should be able to. Why is WA so overregulated? I'm surprised we're not told when we're allowed to go to the toilet!

Northern Suburbs
I agree with 'What A Load of Perth'. I'm not sure who they are surveying, but no-one asked me the question. I live an hour from where I work and I would love to have the option of paying normal grocery prices, rather than the hiked up prices at the after hours grocery stores for supplies I need mid-week. And I'm an organised person!! I would hate to imagine my grocery bill should this not be the case. Not to mention the convenience!!!

For those who don't want late night trading, it's easy, DO NOT GO. However, do not try to impose your archaic views and attitudes on everybody else.

Don't most of the aparently independently owned stores (IGA) already have permit to be open beyond 9pm? Why should the bigger stores suffer ? Are they not owned by shareholders that include the general public i.e. mother and father investors? Get a grip Mr Cummings and stop protecting your own by encouraging anti-competitive behaviour.

South Perth
Of course they would. Stop giving oxygen to a lobby group such as this and then reporting it as "news".

It's all in the phrasing isn't it: "Do you think the govt should honour the results of the previous referendum?" will get a very different response to "Would you like the convenience of shopping until 9pm each week night?" This survey sounds like they asked the first question (or something similar). Get Coles or Woollies to do their own independent survey and ask the second question then publish the results!

Once again here we see the self-interested IGA trying to prevent extended trading so that they may continue to charge us higher prices outside of normal shopping hours. It's an absolute joke - if WA people are so against 9pm trading then this issue should affect ALL traders, i.e., smaller traders should also have to close before 9pm - there is no justification for discriminating.

Peppermint Grove
IGA lobbied very hard for the last referendum and won. They clearly have a vested interest in keeping competition down. The survey lacks credibility.

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