The Iconic Scarborough proposal was unveiled in April. Image: Hillam Architects

MRA knocks back $450m Scarborough twin towers

The Metropolitan Redevelopment Authority has rejected a $450 million proposal for two towers near Scarborough beach with the developer behind the project, 3 Oceans Property, saying the decision was a missed opportunity to show courage and vision.


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Own property in Stirling near to Scarborough Beach
In all development issues we must acknowledge the cost (lost productive land as well as huge infrastructure expenses) and the ugliness of suburban sprawl against the acceptance of more height. I hope that the MRA might accept that the height overrun is a worthwhile trade-off for the extra open space at street level and the opportunity for community building in this beautiful place. What other developer has offered so much? Traffic is an issue which requires public transport transformation. Perth is extreme in single user car trips.

first they backed away from the esplanade bypass due to so called public concern ,"" a joke "" now they are concerned with this project bringing in to many people into the area . MRA is the city of Stirling all over again . incompetent people with no vision .

Floreat, WA
I'm surprised (given the MRAs record) but delighted that this proposal in its current form was rejected. There is absolutely no call to build at this height along Perth's foreshore. The Observation City complex was an appalling blot on the landscape visited on Scarborough and the beachfront, and the fact of its existence shouldn't encourage more towers along the coast. Revitalise retail and residential development with exciting and relevant street-level structures. The local plan provides for more-than-adequate building heights to support such projects, and for the MRA to ride rough-shod over it would have been totally inappropriate (as it has been an may other parts of our city). The developer is complaining about a lost profit opportunity, neither more nor less. Save the towers for the CBD and keep our iconic coastline low.

No wonder diversifying the economy is a challenge in this state. We need to be more competitive and have more attractive policies for investment. Tourism in WA is one of the significant sectors that is currently under performing compared to other states. We need to work harder on it. If rules are the barrier, then they need to adapt to changes and if the know-how is the challenge, then let's invest on expertise to create this industry. This state is a great place, and has endless resources to make it an international destination for successful people.

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