01/08/2020 - 14:30

TerraVision’s CASA – Redefining Mobile Network Coverage

01/08/2020 - 14:30


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Nathan Clifford of TerraVision

Western Australian based Vehicle Tracking and Communication Systems provider; TerraVision is revolutionising the way we understand the performance of our mobile data networks.

We have all experienced the inconvenience of needing to use our phones or devices, only to find there is no signal or unusable data speeds. This is generally symptomatic of much larger network-based limitations that TerraVision’s newest development works to uncover.

The recent development of CASA – TerraVision’s Communications Availability Spatial Analysis, comes at just the right time as Australia’s reliance on stable and wide-reaching mobile network coverage is
the highest it’s ever been. Societies dependence on mobile network infrastructure has led us to develop a unique software system that allows users to understand clearly how well a network is performing.

CASA takes signal metric data from mobile devices and uses that data to create heat maps of actual network coverage in real-time. The technology is broad reaching and can be utilised in Cellular or WIFI network environments.

At last we are able to see exactly how well a wireless network is actually performing in real-time rather than relying on theoretical signal modelling which is very limiting and prone to inaccuracy in a
real-world environment. CASA reports the areas of outage and blackspots as they appear, so response can be immediate rather than delayed.

Mobile data networks are the backbone for most industry sectors and when that network coverage or data is not available, society is adversely affected. What CASA succeeds in doing is showing customers, users, or operators of a mobile network the limitations of the network such as black spots, congestion and overall effective signal reach.

CASA is completely unique in the market as its real-time reporting architecture and readily accessible software user interface means that deployment is quick and easy, and results are immediate. The software system is scalable to any size, accommodating for a single device on a network to thousands of connected devices all reporting real-time signal conditions.

CASA is the perfect tool for mobile coverage surveys and the ongoing analysis of network conditions for the end user.

With the boom of private mobile broadband and WiFi networks in the Primary Industries market, clients in mining, oil and gas, and agriculture now have access to an affordable and effective tool to monitor their network performance.

Our focus with CASA going forward is to complement the existing portfolio of TerraVisions Vehicle Tracking and Communications products by bringing valuable information to our end users. CASA has greatly helped TerraVision better its service delivery to many of its valuable customers, particularly Alcoa of Australia, SG Mining and the Western Australian Public Transport Authority. By helping our customers understand the networks that they are reliant upon, they are better placed to make informed and educated decisions.

With CASA’s wide-ranging application for the public sector including our vital emergency services and community policing, TerraVision is able to partner with these bodies to help them better deliver critical services to our communities. 


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