Millenium Kapital Investments Pty Ltd (MKI)

13/11/2018 - 10:53
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Millenium Kapital Investments Pty Ltd (MKI) intends to seek a listing on the ‘standard’ section of the London Stock Exchange in the first quarter of 2019 for its British Virgin Islands (BVI) arm, Mill

Leading the team at MKL are chief executive officer Lina Maria Tirado and executive chairman Cyril D’Silva.

Millenium Kapital Investments Pty Ltd (MKI) intends to seek a listing on the ‘standard’ section of the London Stock Exchange in the first quarter of 2019 for its British Virgin Islands (BVI) arm, Millenium Kapital Ltd (MKL).

It is currently in pre-IPO stage where it is raising working capital at 2 pence. Its intention is to float MKL at 3 pence with a maximum of 100 million shares on issue and is targeting to raise a total of £1,450,000, which will include IPO and pre- IPO expenses.

Leading the team at MKL are executive chairman Cyril D’Silva and chief executive officer Lina Maria Tirado. Mr D’Silva was the founder and executive chairman of Golden Saint Resources Ltd (BVI), which listed on Alternative Investment Market in London on July 19 2013 at 10 pence with a market capitalisation of £42 million.

Mr D’Silva raised £4 million from his private investors for the IPO. It was a mining company holding gold and diamond tenements in Sierra Leone, West Africa.

Mr D’Silva stepped down in September 2016 to focus on his private corporate advisory Clayhill Capital Investments Pty Ltd. Miss Tirado joined him in early 2016 and is CEO of both MKL and MKI, including Millenium Kapital Pte Ltd Singapore.

Together they have raised more than £1,700,000 for Golden Saint Resources through their private clientele and have taken early positions in startup technology stocks, such as SAS and WBT on the ASX on behalf of their clients, and exited at considerable profits.

Mr D’Silva was appointed as executive chairman of ASX-listed Narhex Life Science in May 2013. On October 2014, the company announced that it had entered into a binding heads of agreement to acquire 100 per cent of the issued capital of ResApp.

Mr D’Silva stepped down on January 22 2015. The company is now known as ResApp Health.

MKI was founded as the private investment arm of Mr D’Silva and Miss Tirado, and they are also directors in Millenium Kapital Pte Ltd, Singapore.

MKI is currently evaluating several different business opportunities that it intends to recommend to the board of MKL after its potential listing in London in early second quarter 2019.

MKL’s pre-IPO presents and early investment opportunity for interested investors where it has two early exit capital gain options. One is at its IPO and the second is at the time it reverses an asset into the company, which it hopes to be able to do within 180 days of its IPO.

Including the IPO, it is expected these actions will be completed within the next 12 months.

It is the intention of the board that, once it has acquired an asset, it will look to install a new board that will have the relevant experience within the industry in which the asset acquired is.

MKI positions itself as a company that can structure deals and assist startup companies access capital by going public on to a relevant stock exchange where it can get access to public funding to expand its business, while at the same time providing exciting early stage investment opportunities for MKI clients while mitigating the downside risks associated with the stock market.

Millenium Kapital Investments

C1, 1 The Esplanade, Mount Pleasant

WA 6153 Australia

Phone +61 8 6507 4853


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