26/07/2021 - 15:34

Hollywood’s Endoscopy Suite Helping in the Early Detection of Cancer and Disease

26/07/2021 - 15:34


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The Hollywood Consulting Centre

The endoscopy suite at Hollywood Private Hospital is proving to be a timely investment by Ramsay Health Care to help meet the health care needs of Western Australians.

Trends such as increasing rates of cancer are alarming and look set to continue due to WA’s ageing population. The incidence of cancer in WA has steadily increased in the past few decades, from about 4000 new diagnosed cases in 1982 to more than 13,000 in 2017*.

Above: Incidents of cancer increases in WA from 1982 to 2017. Source: ww2.health.wa.gov.au

However, the early detection and diagnosis of these conditions is resulting in better treatment options and increasing survival rates.

Above: The relative survival rate for all cancers has been increasing. Source: ww2.health.com.au

With early detection the best weapon in the fight against cancer and many other diseases, the purpose of Hollywood’s endoscopy suite is to play a key role in improving health outcomes for patients.

Hollywood Chief Executive Officer Peter Mott said the endoscopy suite opened in March last year and was the centrepiece of the new $48 million Hollywood Consulting Centre.

“The endoscopy suite provides patients with a comprehensive range of diagnostic and therapeutic services in state-of-the-art surrounds,” Mr Mott said.

“This facility is incredibly important for providing the optimal care for our patients.

“People diagnosed earlier with cancer are not only more likely to survive, but they also have lower treatment morbidity and improved quality of life compared with those diagnosed later.”

Above: Hollywood Private Hospital CEO Peter Mott at the Endoscopy Suite.

Demand for services

Since the endoscopy suite opened, more than 10,000 diagnostic and therapeutic procedures have been performed on more than 7700 patients.

Demand for services is expected to increase as COVID-19 restrictions ease.

“The endoscopy suite opened amid COVID-19 lockdowns and there were weeks when only specific procedures were permitted,” Mr Mott said.

“We expect demand for the endoscopy suite to increase as more procedures are able to be performed endoscopically.” 

Conditions treated at the endoscopy suite

Mr Mott said the aim of the endoscopy suite was to provide the latest technology for the best treatment outcomes.

“The majority of our patients attend following a visit to their GP who refers them to one of our doctors,” he said.

“They may have symptoms or a history which requires further investigation.”

Some of the conditions treated at the Endoscopy Suite include:

  • Unexplained bleeding in the gastrointestinal tract
  • Inflammatory Bowel Disease
  • Stomach and duodenal ulcers
  • Infections
  • Polyps, including removal of large polyps 
  • Tumours/cancers - both gastroenterological and respiratory 
  • Barretts oesophagus 
  • Oesophageal strictures
  • Pancreatitis
  • Gall stones

Features of the endoscopy suite

The endoscopy suite features four large procedure rooms, 17-bed bays and 14-discharge pods.

The procedure rooms are all equipped with the latest high-definition endoscopes, processors and sterilising equipment.

Mr Mott said the endoscopy suite is attended by 36 consultants including gastroenterologists, general surgeons and several respiratory physicians.

“We also employ an Inflammatory Bowel Disease Nurse who assists patients with conditions such as Crohns Disease and Ulcerative Colitis,” Mr Mott said.

“This specialist nurse works collaboratively with doctors and provides advice and aftercare.”

Procedures offered at the endoscopy suite include:

  • Cancer screening and detection
  • Gastroscopy – a procedure to look inside the oesophagus and stomach using a flexible telescope
  • Colonoscopy – a procedure to look inside the large bowel (colon) using a flexible telescope
  • Endoscopic Mucosal Resection
  • Dilation of strictures
  • Oesophageal and colonic stenting
  • PEG tube insertion and replacement
  • Haemorrhoid banding
  • Bronchoscopy

More specialised procedures offered at the endoscopy suite include an endoscopic ultrasound, endoscopic retrograde cholangio-panceratography and an endoscobronchial ultrasound.

The endoscopic ultrasound service is a high frequency ultrasound which can detect and biopsy lesions as small as two to three millimetres. The service complements established cancer and gastroenterology services at Hollywood and can also be used in the treatment of stone and cystic disease of the pancreas and bile ducts.

The endoscopy suite also features paediatric services. Specialised colonoscopy and endoscopy services are delivered by specialist paediatric gastroenterologists. The procedures can help diagnose conditions in babies and young children such as reflux, coeliac disease, eosinophilic oesophagitis or inflammatory bowel disease. 

A video showcasing the Endoscopy Suite:

The ‘Qantas’ lounge

Mr Mott said the endoscopy suite was designed for comfort and privacy to ensure an enhanced patient experience.

“It features a unique discharge experience modelled on an airport lounge,” he said.

“This ambulatory care model involves patients post procedure recovering initially in a bed and then being transferred to private pods to complete their recovery, in a relaxed, calm atmosphere.

“They can recover in a recliner chair, where they are served refreshments and meet the friend or relative that is collecting them.”

Ramsay Health Care’s investment in Hollywood Private Hospital

The endoscopy suite is part of a $200 million investment by Ramsay Health Care to provide comprehensive health care in one convenient location at the Nedlands campus.

“The endoscopy suite serves as an anchor for the Hollywood Consulting Centre, which brings together a suite of cancer services under one roof, complementing the existing services available at the hospital,” Mr Mott said.

“The new centre ensures patients undergoing cancer treatment have ease of access to the latest technology and techniques.

“It also brings together leading experts to focus on the early diagnosis, treatment and post-treatment care of a wide range of cancers.”

Ramsay Health Care’s substantial investment also includes a $67 million emergency department, which is due to open later this year.

“It will be the first private ED north of the river and will give local patients the option of access to timely private emergency care close to home,” Mr Mott said.

Last year a new cardiothoracic service was launched at Hollywood with the commissioning of a cardiothoracic theatre, complete with the latest technology.

The hospital’s mental health facilities were also expanded with the opening of an additional 31 inpatient beds and the Fenwick Day Unit at The Hollywood Clinic.

“These expansions ensure Hollywood is well positioned to cater for the growth in demand for health care services well into the future,” Mr Mott said.

“These new facilities position Hollywood as the premier private hospital in WA.”

For more information visit Endoscopy Suite at Hollywood Private Hospital.

* WA Dept Health: Cancer Incidence, Mortality and Survival in Western Australia, 2017 p7


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