10/08/2021 - 09:26

HardHat and GeoMoby manage real-time location data better, together

10/08/2021 - 09:26


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GeoMoby and HardHat combine forces to transform productivity, health and safety and cost efficiencies across the Resource and Construction sector. 

With the mining industry experiencing the steady upswing of the commodity cycle in recent years, decision-makers continue to remain overly cautious as risk-adverse shareholders demand guaranteed results.

However, this is gradually changing, for some. As other industries fast track digitally driven efficiencies, many leaders across the sector are beginning to recognise the need to improve - to do more, across different operation environments.

Some of the major motivations for adopting new technologies include improving return on investment, increasing productivity, asset optimisation and improving health and safety.

While simple decisions can be made to improve the collection, interpretation, and actioning of data, some traditional barriers such as connectivity and clear access to data still exist.

Cloud-based software company HardHat has partnered with location intelligence solutions provider GeoMoby to tackle these challenges as a unified offering.

The combination of GeoMoby’s patented geolocation technology and HardHat’s enterprise class cloud application and management platform provides a fully integrated solution for surface and underground environments.



Boosting productivity

Understanding where and when to deploy assets and labour is key to productive decision making. Deploying people and assets in harsh environments is particularly challenging when safety and productivity is as critical to the business as it is within the mining sector.

GeoMoby’s geofencing, location and health monitoring technology makes it possible to access reliable data from harsh environments, in a scalable way. When connected with HardHat’s integrated application and real-time reporting capabilities, all a company’s business-critical information can be found in one place.

The combined technology provides executives and supervisors with the power to make the right operational decisions and improve safety and productivity outcomes.

Through the HardHat and GeoMoby solutions companies will be able to experience potential productivity gains with

1. Labour allocation

2. Asset utilisation

3. Optimised scheduling and planning using Geo Moby's geolocation technology, data is instantly fed through to the HardHat platform to allow decision makers to review.

• Real-time reporting and analytics,
• Efficiency gains achieved through journey scheduling,
• Asset movements,
• Asset location and utilisation,
• Health monitoring of field workers.

Improving health, safety, and compliance

GeoMoby, together with HardHat, can improve health and safety outcomes for both supervisors and fieldworkers in surface and underground environments. By gaining a greater understanding of the real-time location of staff and assets, supervisors will gain the ability to:

• Allocate tasks more efficiently,
• Prevent hazards and incidents,
• Determine where assets are located,
• Allocate and track asset deployment,
• Track field workers’ locations and health statuses,
• Communicate with field workers for improved operations.

The joint solution provides supervisors with the ability to communicate with field workers in any environment, monitor their temperature and oxygen-saturation levels, and ultimately, be more efficient in how incidents are dealt with.

Encouraging cost efficiencies

Determining the best use for your suite of assets and manpower does not have to be guesswork. It’s important to understand how and when to optimise your people and assets to avoid any unnecessary gaps in operation.

Access to reliable data, at the right time, in the right format empowers better decision making to improve operational efficiencies and productivity outcomes, ultimately cutting costs across operations.

GeoMoby captures information on how assets are being used at each site, while HardHat presents the right data to the right person through easy to view and use, flexible dashboards and reports, optimised for both mobile and desktop browers.

Executives and supervisors can make cost-saving decisions with this knowledge, including devising pre-planned journey maps for field workers for the most effective use of human capital and physical assets.

Delivering value across your business

The GeoMoby and HardHat partnership will deliver value to the business across each line of business and at every level. Management and employees will be able to gain contextual, location-based data for more informed decision making. Supervisors will benefit by gaining location based insights on surface and underground operations, giving them real-time visibility to support their team in executing the project. Through a secure communications channel, field workers will be able to capture, report and manage any health and safety hazards based on their location, in real-time.

HardHat chief executive Tim Smith said he was excited about the potential value the partnership could deliver to its clients. 

“GeoMoby’s location intelligence technology is unprecedented,” he said.

“The HardHat platform’s intuitive user interface combined with GeoMoby’s solution will maximise the value location-based data can bring to a business.

“With our partnership, people across the organisation can access contextual information from a single platform to help them do their jobs safer and smarter.”

GeoMoby’s chief executive Chris Baudia said the battle of tomorrow’s business performance would be won using contextual, real-time, location-based data.

“The partnership with HardHat will strengthen the GeoMoby offering, allowing us to deliver data across the organisation seamlessly.”


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