Fitness freaks need more Jacob’s ladders

Monday, 29 February, 2016 - 13:38

I note the fuss made around the recent closure of Jacob’s Ladder, a stairway to Kings Park which, due to its popularity as an exercise venue, has earned the ire of local residents.

Despite rumours of a permanent shut down, I hear it will reopen.

I’d like to remind readers of a suggestion I made in these pages in 2010 in an article entitled ‘Pilgrims pound pavement at Jacob’s Ladder’.

“If Perth likes this concept so much, why haven’t our entrepreneurial types come up with more of them?” I asked.

“Kings Park has several suitable locations, including the DNA Tower, which is already popular for this kind of exercise but seems less capable of handling the same level of traffic.

“There are many locations that could exhibit the same attributes. What about a ladder up the side of a high-rise in the CBD; or even a stairway to nowhere on the foreshore.”