Call centre job boom is on the way

Tuesday, 30 March, 1999 - 22:00
EXPANDING, relocating or new call centres will create 9,000 jobs across Australia in the next two years.

These findings were released by Call Centre Research (a division of ACA Research) managing director Martin Conboy at the recent Electronic Commerce Expo.

Mr Conboy said the research indicated that a further 9,000 jobs will be shifting to regions that can provide essential requirements including lower operating costs.

He said the research found that in the next two years there is an investment pool of $1.3 billion, representing about 15,000 new jobs, which will be spent on shifting call centres in established markets such as Sydney and Melbourne to potential regional locations.

“The opportunity exists for regional areas of Australia to position themselves to attract their share of this investment cake,” Mr Conboy said.

“In order to do this, regional areas need to provide appropriate buildings, and attract suppliers and telecommunications infrastructure, as well as ensuring suitable public transport. The industry’s annual growth is an amazing 20 to 25 per cent.”

Mr Conboy said Australian business and governments have been quick to recognise call centres are an efficient way to service and retain customers, and gain a competitive market edge.

He said 41 per cent of respondents say they intend to expand an existing call centre in the next two years, while a further 15 per cent plan to relocate and 14 intend to open an additional centre.