13/01/2014 - 16:29

Book of Lists

13/01/2014 - 16:29


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Book of Lists

Western Australia's most accurate and comprehensive business listing. Inside you will find details on more than 3,200 companies and nearly 9,000 business executives and business owners.

Welcome everyone to your Book of Lists for 2014.

This publication serves as another landmark for Business News and you, our readers. Not only is this your keep sake annual edition, you would have noticed that we have moved to a full colour gloss stock and are now out on a Monday. For a quick reference guide to lawyers, gold miners or even independent schools in our State, you can reach for this, your printed Book of Lists.

While continuously improving our digital offering, we are also investing more in print in 2014. This is a bold move, however in an age of mass electronic information, we also recognise the benefit of taking time out to read through the business news and information of the week in print.

The print version of our Book of Lists and weekly newspaper is backed up by a wealth of information online. For each list contained within the printed pages, you will find far more information online – more lists, more companies, more people and much more data. In addition, subscribers can download the lists and use them for research or business development purposes.

We are platform agnostic – whether you want to consume your business information through print, online, on a mobile device, on the move or at your desk, we are there for you. We are now out on a Monday, setting the agenda for the coming week.

We look forward to bringing you the relevant business stories of 2014, and helping you reach and connect with more businesses in this great State of ours. If there is anything we can do better, do more (or less) of, I would love to hear from you. Next week, our first regular weekly business newspaper will be out, on a Monday and also in full gloss colour.

Meanwhile, happy reading and see you online, and here’s to a fantastic year in business.

Elton Swarts
Executive Chairman
Business News


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