Analysis: Qantas road kill?

Until now the Qantas dispute has been a conventional disagreement between an employer and its employees but yesterday’s call to effectively destroy the company means it has turned political and should


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Qantas staff and their union leaders should ask themselves: "Where are the Ansett employees today?".

Peoples republic of China
So is Australia going to sit back on its heels and have the time turned back to the 70 and 80 years.Certainly looks like it with the current make-up of politicians, journalistsand academics Where are real Australians today? People prepared to protect the standard of living and way of life.

No wonder manufacturers and other industries are taking their businesses overseas. The unions are digging their own grave and are proving that they have not learned a thing from the past. They are not getting other jobs for their members who are retrenched, so no further income for the unions either. As for the unionists, just think of WHO is paying you your wages, so you can feed your family. It is NOT YOUR union membership, it is your employer. There are many ways to skin a cat, striking is certainly NOT one. That can close the business, because they are going overseas and you are unemployed! THINK ABOUT IT!!!!

Very good article. In the past I have been a union member and supported most of my union's actions. However, I have never condoned bullying by unions and, although I believe that many C.E.Os are obscenely overpaid, I feel that this article shows that the union power is too great in this instance. The union, in particular, if the statement is correct, shows no regard for their own members or the travelling public, many of whom are 'brothers or sisters' in the union movement. 'The irony in the attack on Qantas is that while union leaders probably think they are just attacking management they are also attacking the business which employs their members'.

All the Qantas employees who don't like their their current employer and don't think they are being paid enough should leave and seek employment with other companies like Emirates and Singapore Airlines. Oh! that might mean they have to take a pay cut!!

Perth WA
Wake up Australia. Look what Unions did in UK. Killed the following The automobile indusrty, The Coal Industry, The ship building Industry, The Steel Industry, The Cotton Mills, The Woolen Mills. Thes people claim 15% plus i% super over 3 yeras. Simple Maths - componded this is 21% over 3 years. The average Joe gets a CPI increase - 3.9%. I got 3.3% and accepted it. Have a look at the front bench of the current Government! 70% of themare ex Union Bosses. Do you really think Gillard will inter pose on the Qantas strife.No!And the Unions know it!

Tells you heaps about the strategic thought process of unions (oops an oxymoron - unions and thought process in the same sentence). Running a small business in a less than positive business environment just needs jack-ass union leaders pulling this sort of crap. It's a great pity that we can't raise a class action against the unions involved for "misuse of market power" and/or "third line forcing" . Thy are just being sheer bloody-minded in the current actions. Such an action needs to be taken sooner rather than later before they get runs on the board and do even dumber things in the mining industry. Choose a Labour Government and expect the worst as their union mates flex some muscle in the knowledge that the Labour party is protecting its main income stream to the detriment of others.

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