Analysis: Qantas is Australia's Greece

Australians like to think that their country is in better shape than deeply indebted Europe, but if you analyse the Qantas dispute you discover an identical set of circumstances with time the only dif


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Strikes should be outlawed other than for safety or health or basic human rights. Pay disputes should be arboitrated and if a decison can not be made then and independent arbitrator shoud be appointed. It is always the same people going on strike, police nurses, train drivers bus drivers airline staff building workers. when was the last time your lawn mowing contractor, super market worker , butcher etc went on strike. When was the last time small business went on strike. Sack the lot of them offer jobs to the workers of other airlines who earn less than quantas staff and let the quantas staff find better paid jobs. I get sick of all the rubbish if they are not happy, they should quit their jobs and find better ones after all we do have very low unemployment so finding better jobs should be easy. After sacking them get rid of this useless government it is making us the laughing stock of the world.

If you can't spell QANTAS then you don't deserve to have your ranting opinion heard. By the way, Australia's economic position is actually the envy of the world, not the laughing stock. Your opinion is the laughing stock of this article.

Excellent article. Excellent summary of the state that our country is in and the downward spiral it has entered.

West Perth
Agree regarding the problems when the resources boom ends. Will be even harder in WA as all the pigs are in one pen. Barney Rubble's current Government seems to have absolutely zero interest in anything other than the resources sector. Except of course when it comes to hiking electricity and water charges.

I'm confused with your comment above. "just as potential investors know that we have become an investor unfriendly country" My understanding is that we've had record overseas investment in our country, most of it after the announcement of a resource tax, an awareness of some form of greenhouse reduction policy to apply in the near future. As to industrial disputes lost hours are well down on what they use to be.With disputes either party can apply to Fair Work Australia to bring the parties together but in the case of the Qantas dispute neither did until the government got involved.Greece has serious riots, massive unemployment,massive debt,corruption & a tax system which is pretty hopeless. Not much in common I would have thought.

Perth, WA
to: Tim Threadgold Not sure how old you are Tim, but I was witness to a rapid degradation of our country's economic fortunes & credentials just like the one you're describing. It started in 1972 ("Time for a change"...& what a change) when the Whitlam Socialists drove this country to such a dreadful economic state that Gough had to go behind the backs of the Australian people in his attempts to borrow money from Arab loan sharks (the Khemlani affair). As with the incumbents, his apparatchiks in government had no practical experience or had ever been responsible and/or accountable for any productive enterprise, so have no idea whatsoever of the true source of wealth (hard productive work & the wise use of any profits). During his tenure, we had events such as the Ford factory in Melbourne out for strikes lasting months, as with the QLD railways etc etc. The parallels are scary, and the consequences dire. There appears to be no short term answer / solution, and I fear that not enough will be done if/when there's a change of government....votes are too precious, so pollies will always be tempted to promise more than we can afford; & too few of us understand that it is our money they are toying with.

Wongan Hills
on reading the Qantas story I wonder if anyone would contemplate what would happen if management stood aside and allowed the staff to make all the decisions with someone elses money! I bet there would not be much of anything left after just a short while. What right does labour ever have to dictate to management. If they are not happy it is their right to resign! A good boss would recognize this and not allow it to happen.

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