8 Reasons Why Your Business Should Consider Fleet Management

Fleet leasing offers your organisation a solution tailored to meet your specific needs that includes reducing your risk, freeing up your working capital, and unlocking big tax savings. You will also access the nationwide purchasing power of easifleet. A fleet lease leaves your cash flow free for you to use to generate profit and grow your business. 

1. The Current Vehicle Fleet is Owned outright on the Balance Sheet

When a bulk sale and leaseback is done by an organisation, they can get a cash injection to fund the NDIS transition, which can be very beneficial to the organisation. The NDIS transition will cause providers to fund services and then claim them back from the Government. Currently, funds are allocated to a provider, who then account to the Government for spend. The NDIS Programme Guidelines aim to foster collaboration and innovation in the community, freeing up resources to improve outcomes for individuals, families and communities. 

2. Enjoy Hassle Free Fleet Leases

Fleet leases are an easy way to obtain the vehicles and equipment you need for your business, with flexible lease terms that can range from one to five years. easifleet provides a variety of fleet lease options that range from simple non-maintained leases to fully maintained leases that include all of your scheduled servicing, maintenance, tires and fuel. You choose the kind of lease that matches the needs of your organisation. 

3. Outsource Non-Core Activities

Roles of fleet management can be outsourced, with the savings being used to improve services in other areas of the organisation, thereby also creating more flexibility within the organization.

4. Minimise the Risks Associated with Vehicle Investment

If your company relies on transportation in your business, fleet management will minimise or remove the risks that are associated with vehicle and equipment investment. Fleet management improves productivity, efficiency, and it reduces your transportation costs overall. 

5. Fleet Management Expertise

 The fleet management expertise is core to fleet providers and there is a depth of service, which organisations can leverage. For many organisations, having a strong cash flow can mean the difference between failure and success, and taking advantage of ways to improve cash flow is necessary.

6. Accommodating Rosters

Rosters can be readily accommodated with telematics and booking systems, which in turn will also drive FBT reporting if applicable, saving time and money for the organisation.

7. Lifecycle Management Fleet Replacement Benefits

 Timely vehicle and equipment replacement requires you to be able to predict asset lifecycles that are based on utilisation, asset age, and costing information. Inefficient vehicle assets can be identified and discontinued. Companies like to use new fleet strategy for cost reduction, which involves the sale of the used fleet in order to purchase the new fleet. 

8. Vehicle Tracking

The vehicle tracking component is becoming increasingly important to all fleet management systems. The telematics provide information on the vehicle’s direction, speed, and location is transmitted to the fleet management software. You can also see where your fleet is located in real time on a map making it easy to respond quickly to field events. More sophisticated systems allow for information on the vehicles maintenance requirements and can provide for real time booking. 

Flexible Fleet Solutions Tailored to Your Needs

Medium to large companies throughout Perth and Australia can benefit from easifleet fleet management services. We provide flexible fleet solutions tailored to meet your needs, with a full range of cutting edge, comprehensive reporting options. If your fleet is made up of 25 or more units, Easifleet can offer a fleet management solution that fits your organisation’s needs. 

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