The state government will spend $40.1 million on a new diesel railcar manufacturing facility in Bellevue. Photo: Metronet

$53.3m to boost WA manufacturing

Wednesday, 5 August, 2020 - 15:54

The state government has allocated new funding to build a diesel railcar manufacturing facility in Bellevue, as well as establish a cathode production facility.

The government will spend $40.1 million on the new railcar facility, which will be located at Bellevue where a new facility is currently being built for the assembly of 246, C-series railcars.

Transport Minister Rita Saffioti said the diesel railcar facility would broaden the scope of services at Bellevue.

She said stage one of the Bellevue facility was on track for completion later this year, with global manufacturer Alstom expected to start rolling out the C-series railcars in late 2022. 

The state government will also form an action group to investigate the viability of manufacturing iron ore railcars in the Pilbara or in other parts of Western Australia, with a report expected later this year.

A further $13.2 million in funding has been set aside to attract a global cathode active materials manufacturer to establish a production facility in the state – designed to establish WA as a world leader in future battery minerals.

The cathode initiative includes incentives to offset project costs, such as lease rates on industrial land to help businesses keep jobs local.

Premier Mark McGowan said boosting local manufacturing would help WA become more self-sufficient when it rebounds from COVID-19.

“WA is primed to join the supply chain of major industries and sectors like renewable energy, conservation, mining and construction,” he said.

“This package is about giving local businesses confidence to establish themselves, make local products and keep jobs here in WA.”

Mr McGowan said the state government would work to remove interruptions in supply chains and allow businesses to take advantage of manufacturing opportunities in WA.