Upcoming Features

Below is a list of our upcoming features and their dates of publication. If you know of a news worthy event relevant to an upcoming feature or you wish to advertise in these features please email Greg Rogers or call 08 9288 2100.

March 2018

Most Influential + ICT - Major Contracts 26 March 2018

Most Influential 

The 40under40 Awards is Western Australia’s top age-related business prize program. A significant panel of judges names the 40 business men and women under the age of 40, acknowledging the traits and strategies that have allowed these individuals to rise to the top of the pool. The annual awards have been held since 2002 and many of the state’s current business leaders have won this prestigious award during their careers.

ICT - Major Contracts

This feature looks at major ICT projects in WA, particularly for business and government agencies, and analyses the competition between local, national and global service providers.

April 2018

Oil and Gas + Corporate Finance 09 April 2018

Oil and Gas 

WA is one of the world’s most significant producers of LNG in the world, a position that was achieved through enormous investment in complicated processing and extraction technology. We’ll look at the trends among big producers, what projects are on the horizon both onshore and offshore and the environment for contractors.

Corporate Finance

Driven by Business News’ corporate finance database which has a comprehensive list of WA-based deals since 2010,we analyse the key transactions across the previous quarter looking at the major events, key trends and who were the most active players at corporate and advisory levels. 

Property - Construction + Apprentices, Training 23 April 2018

Property - Construction 

Business News reviews major building projects, construction companies and the state of the industry which is an important economic catalyst. We look at the key sectors driving construction growth, trends and issues in building and what movement has taken place among the companies that dominate the market.

Apprentices, Training 

Vocational and specialised training in industry and RTO’s are among some of the most talked about issues in many industries, as well as in political circles. Where are skills developed, where are they employed and where will they be needed next are some of the key questions the Business News editorial team asks leaders in the field. 

May 2018

Mining Projects + Universities 07 May 2018

Mining Projects

The boom might be over but mining remains an important sector that will continue to employ thousands of people and provide many investment opportunities for business. What are the issues and where is the potential in this sector that is so important for the overall health of Western Australia?


The tertiary education sector is not just an important driver of skills and innovation in this state, it is also a leading employer and services exporter that has enormous influence on many aspects of life and culture in Western Australia. We analyse the financial and operational performance of WA’s universities and other tertiary institutions.

Philanthropy / Giving Well Guide + Wineries 21 May 2018

Philanthropy / Giving Well Guide 

In tandem with our annual Giving Well Guide, we anaylse trends and issues in philanthropy, an area where there has been substantial development as Western Australia’s wealth has grown in the past decade or so. Important to this study are the charities that are funded by that wealth and endeavour to make our state a better place. 


From small boutiques to big corporate wineries, we analyse prospects from this iconic industry which is globally recognised due to the success of key players and the qualities of particular regions such as Margaret River. This sector has evolved substantially and has many household names that are recognised here and abroad.