Upcoming Features

Below is a list of our upcoming features and their dates of publication. If you know of a news worthy event relevant to an upcoming feature or you wish to advertise in these features please email Greg Rogers or call 08 9288 2100.

July 2018

Oil and Gas + Arts & Culture 30 July 2018

Oil and Gas: WA is one of the world’s most significant producers of LNG in the world, a position that was achieved through enormous investment in complicated processing and extraction technology. We’ll look at the trends among big producers, what projects are on the horizon both onshore and offshore and the environment for contractors.

Arts & Culture: The arts is big business in WA. We look at this industry and assess how it is dealing with economic change. The people, projects and policies affecting it will come under the microscope.

August 2018

Small Business Matters + ICT - Homegrown Heroes (Innovation/Tech) 13 August 2018

Small Business Matters: Small business is the engine of the economy but, due to its disparate membership, it is often ignored. A huge employer, an important innovator and, in many ways, a big electoral voice, small business issues are the focus of this feature.

ICT - Homegrown Heroes (Innovation/Tech):  WA is home to numerous technology businesses, from tiny start-ups and app developers to major software and infrastructure developers. We look at new players, fast-growing firms and WA businesses taking on national and global markets.

Property - Retail + Power and Energy 27 August 2018

Property - Retail: In-depth guide to key trends and major developments in the retail property sector. Driven by Business News’ corporate finance database including quarterly updates on M&A and ECM transactions.

Power and Energy: Turning the lights on seems so easy, just the flick of a switch. If only that was the case - Business News knows better and delves deeply into the complex field where giant government utilities, major corporates and a wide range of innovative smaller businesses try to give Western Australians the energy they need.

September 2018

Professional Services - Accountants + Fashion 10 September 2018

Fashion: Linked to the Perth Fashion Festival this feature acknowledges an important industry where culture and business mesh more closely than any other. Western Australia may be isolated but our wealth and innovative design sector have been aided by technology and fashion’s hunt for trend setters to become a thriving growth area.

Professional Services - Accountants: The updated ranking of Accounting firms in the BNiQ Search Engine will anchor this feature, which will examine mergers, new entrants and service trends in the sector.

Gold Miners + Tourism 24 September 2018

Gold Miners: Business News annual ranking and analysis of the largest gold producers in Western Australia is keenly watched by the industry and the regional hubs that rely on this precious metal for their existence. We provide an early and comprehensive review on how this important industry has fared in the past financial year.

Tourism: Long overshadowed by WA's economically dominant extraction and primary resources industries, tourism provides an important foundation for many sectors in the post-boom economy. As one of the state’s biggest employers and a focal point for innovative investors, it is also a key economic driver in many parts of the state. We analyse the trends in this important industry.

October 2018

Residential Builders + Corporate Finance 08 October 2018

Residential Builders: Since the 60’s this iconic industry has literally redefined the landscape in Western Australia’s urban areas, especially Perth. WA is home to several of the nation’s biggest home builders and we use industry data to find who is who is this important driver of economic activity.

Corporate Finance: Driven by Business News’ corporate finance database which has a comprehensive list of WA-based deals since 2010 we analyse the key transactions across the previous quarter looking at the major events, key trends and who were the most active players at corporate and advisory levels.

Biggest Exporters + ICT Infrastructure 22 October 2018

Biggest Exporters: Australia is an exporting nation and Western Australia is the biggest exporting state - with around half the nation’s merchandise exports leaving WA. This is big business, conducted by multi-nationals, local corporates and a host of private and not-for-profit players. Check out who does big business with the rest of the world.

ICT infrastructure: This feature analyses the state of ICT infrastructure in WA, including the roll-out of the NBN, the role of fixed line and wireless networks, and the growing demand for data, and the impact on both specialist service providers and the business community at large.

November 2018

Property - Commercial Developers + Fund Managers and Wealth Advisers 05 November 2018

Property - Commercial Developers: Guide to trends and issues in WA’s property sector, most notably major commercial buildings. As part of this analysis we will examine where the next big commercial construction projects might be and highlight who owns our biggest buildings. The key focus is the office market but the feature provides a broad range of property information beyond the high rise of the CBD.

Fund Managers and Wealth Advisers: This feature will explorer the strategies and performance of Perth-based fund managers, from big funds and listed investment companies through to some of the wealth management and financial planning groups.

25 Year Commemorative 19 November 2018

2018 marks a milestone for Business News as we commemorate 25 years of reporting Western Australia’s key news. We invite you to share in that history as we reflect on its memorable episodes and people, but also as we look forward to what our third decade holds in store for the region. 

December 2018

Wealth Creators + CEO Salary Survey 03 December 2018

Wealth Creators: Using public data, including the share holdings of WA company directors, and other less accessible information, we build WA’s own rich list to show not who has wealth but who created it. These are the people who had ideas or were willing to back them to build businesses that keep our state moving. 

CEO Salary Survey: In a comprehensive review from a database unmatched by any other local publisher, Business News analyses the remuneration and performance of Western Australia’s listed company CEOs. This is a no holds barred examination of who has earned the most, compared with the results of the business they have led. 


Person of the Year + WA Dynasties 17 December 2018

Person of the Year:  Business News’ editorial team review the year’s big issues, deals and decision makers to find the people who really made a difference. In that we nominate the individual who stands out above the crowd 

WA Dynasties   With a rich history of entrepreneurial individuals and families there is certain WA flavour to our market. Business News looks at the families that helped shape our state and have stood the test of time by retaining long-term ownership of their assets. Join us on this journey.