Mark my words

12 Dec 2014

Head of content Mark Pownall, news editor Mark Beyer and journalist Dan Wilkie join host James Lush to discuss the week’s top stories, including besieged minister Dean Nalder, BHP Billiton’s new spinoff, and the state government's social enterprise fund. Other topics discussed include the state’s burgeoning craft brewing sector and HBF’s new health funds alliance.

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05 Dec 2014

CEO Salary Survey – who has a million dollar pay packet this year? Plus Mt Gibson, iron ore, congestion, and Curtin’s expansion

28 Nov 2014

In this week's Podcast, Mark Pownall and Mark Beyer talk to James Lush about the tough times in the iron ore sector, the good news in the private equity market and a handful of resources projects that are proceeding, our in-depth look at long-running family businesses in our inaugural Business Dynasties feature, the expected slump in university enrolments and expanding commercial ventures for the non-for-profit sector.

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21 Nov 2014

In this week's Podcast, Mark Pownall, Mark Beyer and Saskia Pickles join James Lush to discuss Aldi’s move into Perth, regulatory reforms in the building, liquor, taxi and potato industries, the record turnout at Wesfarmers’ centenary AGM, the state of the trucking and transport industry, and growing investment in cosmetic medicine in Perth.

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