Paula-lee Pownall

Crickets could soon be a regular item on Australian menus if Paula-lee Pownall’s insect farm Grubs Up Australia continues its recent growth. Ms Pownall founded the business in 2016 and hopes to make crickets a food source for both humans and animals. She is passionate about changing the perception of bugs as a protein source, as population growth potentially puts pressure on the agriculture sector to be more efficient. Crickets are nutrient dense, Ms Pownall says, require minimal land usage and have a low environmental impact. After receiving health licensing in August, the next step for Grubs Up will be to commercialise its insect production systems. Ms Pownall has also volunteered with the Coolup Bush Fire Brigade, including during the 2016 Yarloop bushfires, and was involved in the rollout of a national drought resilience program.
Bio last updated 06 Mar 2018

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