Latest Headlines

Council may help traders

PEOPLE looking to open specialty retail businesses such as fashion boutiques and tourist gift shops in Northbridge could soon be getting financial help from the Perth City Council.

Stadium may link Northbridge and CBD

THE Soccer Stadium planned for the Perth Entertainment Centre car park may prove Northbridge’s best chance of providing a link with the CBD.

Aberdeen Street leads tunnel land renewal charge

WORK has begun on the WA Government’s $35 million redevelopment of land over the Graham Farmer Freeway Tunnel, with part of Aberdeen Street being turned into a demonstration road.

Omni’s lights go out

THE old Omni Theatre site’s run as a cinema has come to an end.

The earth moves for Western Australia

THE property you thought you owned may now belong to your neighbour – if you still use the old coordinated reference system.

Terrace beckons rev heads

ST Georges Terrace has become petrol head haven this week.The Sydney-based auction house Wemyss held its annual vintage and classic car auction at the Perth Concert Hall on Saturday.

Steve’s lease up for grabs

PUBLICAN Murray McHenry is believed to be close to finalising a new lease holder for the famous Nedlands Park Hotel, known colloquially as Steve’s.

Dollar fall boosts accessory sales

ONE of Perth’s newest e-commerce entrepreneurs is celebrating the poor performance of the Aussie dollar.

Perth part of global call centre

WHEN a computer system crashes in the middle of the night somewhere in America, the first phone call for help may well be made to Perth, where it is just another client ringing during office hours.

Pipeline plan gets the nod

PRELIMINARY work on a gas pipeline between Bunbury, Manjimup and Albany with a possible future extension to Ravensthorpe and Esperance has begun.

Kailis takes over R&O lobster assets

LIVE and frozen lobster processing facilities at Lancelin, the major assets of failed processor R&O Seafood, have been acquired by Kailis & France.

Lloyd Stewart quits Lotteries position

LLOYD Stewart has resigned as chairman of the Lotteries Commission of Western Australia, citing short-term business commitments as the motivating factor.

Another nickle boom

THE delays in fully commissioning WA’s biggest lateritic nickel deposit, at Murrin Murrin, obscure the long term promise of this new type of project.

Freight war on track

THE new owner of Westrail’s freight business is looking at targeting selected regional areas with rate reductions to lure business away from the road transport industry.

Name dropping shaves Net gain

THE WA Government has sliced a $2.6 million annual cost from business by removing the $75 business name renewal fee.

Australia well placed to miss knowledge boat

AUSTRALIA is uniquely placed to take advantage of the explosion of work in so-called knowledge industries but lags rival economies’ growth in this key area, particularly when it comes to exports.

Freo property lobby bid to fight zoning

THE Property Council and the Fremantle Chamber of Commerce (FCC) are considering a proposal to form a Fremantle Property Council to represent developers interests in the port city.

Sun rises on new cinema

A NEW $2 million 400-seat twin cinema complex planned for 2001 will bring air-conditioned day long entertainment to Broome.

HBF plans general insurance coup

WA’S biggest health insurer HBF is planning to boost its presence in the competitive general insurance market after the Federal Government’s health cover drive delivered a windfall membership gain.

How the Swan Bells work

Inside the bell chamber, sound levels reach as high as 190dB. Such is the intensity of the sound that anyone unfortunate enough to be in there when the bells ring, would suffer bleeding from their ears and significant hearing loss.

Bells hit the right note

Perth’s Barrack Square Bell Tower is a ‘living’ building. It flexes and moves to absorb the huge forces generated when the historic bells are rung.

John Holland Team Ring the Changes

Sam Davidson heads up John Holland’s building operations throughout the state and is determined that his team responsible for the construction of the Belltower receive the recognition they so richly deserve.

Weekly commentary

The US economy grew at a 2.4% annual growth rate during the third quarter of 2000, its slowest since mid 1996.


Shares in the junior Telco fell sharply over the week , as investors become impatient with the lack of information provided on the long awaited Chinese Internet Project.


Shares in the regional Airline Company continued to rally as Air NZ increased its bid from 90cents to $1.35. The market now awaits the next move from Qantas.

Woodside Petroleum Ltd

Shell has revised its merger proposal with WPL. The cleverly crafted offer is designed to get the revised merger proposal (RMP) in front of the WPL shareholders to force a vote (extraordinary general meeting will be held at the end of April).

Capital Flows

The Australian Small Industrials market retreated 2% over the week in the shadows of the ongoing Nasdaq volatility.

WA independents targeted from the east

PERTH’S independent advertising agencies have been targeted by an east coast company seeking to create Australia’s first national advertising consortium.

Film makers turn to Asia

LOCAL film and television commercial production companies are looking to Asia for projects to counter a slump in the local industry.