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Govt gets local

IN an attempt to buy local the WA government has initiated a series of forums with industry suppliers.The first held in Perth last week saw 130 industry representatives turn out for the summit.

High-speed Net access

OPTUS and other Internet providers will now join Telstra in providing high-speed broadband access for many WA Internet and data network users.

Go global – and reap the benefits

WORKING overseas ain’t what it used to be.

Managers on the move

THERE has been movement within the senior ranks of Westfield in WA.Westfield Galleria centre manager Paul Lopez has resigned, leaving the Morley shopping centre in the hands of assistant centre manager Kirilly van Ryil.

More city apartments get the green light

ANOTHER multi-million dollar apartment complex has been given the go-ahead by Perth City Council.

Trying week for construction

THE past week has been one of mixed emotions for major construction projects in WA.

Property skills boost

WA’S first course in property invest-ment will provide those in the business with an opportunity to enhance their skills and knowledge in this field.

Heritage sites for tender

AFTER three months of refurbishment work worth $400,000, three heritage-listed cottages in Northbridge have opened for tender.

Land shortage drives demand

BLOCKS in emerging industrial areas will be in high demand this year as the land shortage in established industrial suburbs continues to drive up prices.

Ningaloo tourists in for a whale of a time

Eco-tourism; isn’t it funny how things change - 50 years ago tourists payed to hunt and kill magnificent animals, now they hand over their AMEX cards to pet them, swim with them, or simply see them.

Hop into fish for Easter

As the Easter break approaches I thought it appropriate to take a look at reeling in some of the best seafood outlets in Perth.

Grapes create a crush on Houghton

THE Houghton Wine Company property has a history right back to settlement days and has produced wine since then.

Gym’s the tonic for Easter eats

Have you bought a gym membership of late? If you haven’t, start jogging, because this year’s Easter promises to be the most calorie-filled yet.

Self-managed super stays popular

SETTING up a self-managed superannuation fund is a popular option for investors.More than 214,000 small funds have been set up in Australia, with about 420,000 members.

Patience pays off

WITH the sharemarket performing poorly over the past year, many investors will be tempted to sell shares.If they are in the red, they may be tempted to cut their losses.

Cardinal role for the ‘Vice Squad’

RECENTLY, Business News personal finance writer Mark Beyer, wrote about the growth of ethical funds in Australia.

End of the bull market?

THERE seems to be a trend among chief economists to call the turning of the equities market. The latest to do this is David Hudson, of Merrill Lynch Investment Managers.

How to export successfully

SUCCESSFUL international trade requires strategy, RSM Bird Cameron’s international client services director, Neil Hough, has told a company export seminar.

Banks in for hard labour up to poll

POPULOUS posturing by pompous politicians is going to infuriate us all the way up to the Federal election.

World is their oyster in Balcatta

IF THERE was a prize for the most gutsy little company in Australia, it should go to Balcatta-based Atlas Pacific. If you want to talk high risk, try pearl farming in Indonesia.

Waste race for blue sky

THEY say one man’s trash is another man’s treasure.And the hunt is on in Perth to reap rewards from waste, with three big projects worth a combined $630 million set to be up and running within three years.

Bendat looms over ratings battle

THE continuing war between Perth’s commercial radio stations is tempting millionaire industry figure Jack Bendat back into the game.

Issues of the Week

AS Mir came crashing to the earth on Friday afternoon the Australian dollar seemed to pick up on its trajectory and plummeted to an all time low of 48.86 cents against the US dollar earlier this week.

Normans conquest

SOUTH Australian winemaker Normans Wines is likely target of a $200 million plus acquisition drive by three Margaret River wineries.

Lease would double parking fees

PERTH City Council’s proposed 99-year lease on the Perth Convention and Exhibition Centre car park for $50.4 million will force commuter parking fees to $10 a day – a rise of about 50 per cent on current prices.

Silver lining in dollar dive

THE falling value of the Australian dollar offers a mixed bag for WA.In theory, the lower value of the Australian dollar against the US dollar should make Australian exports more attractive.

Law primes pump price

MECHANISMS allowing the WA Government to set the maximum wholesale petrol price at fuel terminals will be in effect by the end of the week.

Call to push Kwinana plan

THE former State Govern-ment’s plans to make 900ha of industrial land available in Perth’s southern suburbs must stay on track, according to industry representatives.

MacTiernan moots more ships

THE WA Government could face bills of up to $10 million annually under a planned “renaissance” of coastal shipping services.