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Gas industry given boost

EQUIPMENT with the potential to dramatically improve the cost-effectiveness, safety and transport of liquid natural gas exports is being developed by Curtin University of Technology.

Esperance progresses $21m plan

THE Esperance Port Authority is pressing on with the $21 million first phase of its harbour deepening and expansion project.

Nine given research grants

NINE commercial research and development projects have been given WA Government grants.

Bananas win awards

THE SWEETER Banana Company has been awarded a statewide Award for Excellence in Rural WA for securing markets for its smaller, sweeter Lunch Box bananas.

Good ideas not enough to guarantee success

This has been the century when the development and application of science has fed an unprecedented level of technological change.

New generation learn the lessons of the past

I bet you, like me, are not one of the 80% of Australians who love to gamble. We might buy the odd slikpik, or support the footie team raffle, but that is not really gambling, is it?

Super may have lost its lustre

With the myriad of changes in superannuation circles since the first of the taxing legislation was introduced in 1983, a number of people have questioned the efficacy of superannuation as an investment vehicle.

Internet proves investor boon

THE Internet is proving to be a powerful tool for those investors who can use it to the full.

Assirt rerates BT

RESEARCH house ASSIRT has rerated a range of Bankers Trust products, granting 30 of the 40 assessed an investment grade rating of A or B.

US lures Vic Pet

THE hydrocarbon prospective San Joaquin Basin in the United States continues to figure high on the exploration schedule of Victoria Petroleum NL, which holds a 63.3 per cent direct and indirect stake in the California hydrocarbon real estate.

Abador follows swan

West Perth-based Abador Gold NL is targeting a Silver Swan lookalike in Western Australia’s eastern Goldfields.

GMS results bode well for project

Encouraging drill results by Gold Mines of Sardinia Limited have provided a confidence boost for the company’s plans to develop a major gold project in Sardinia.

Helix hunts on regardless

Despite the downturn in exploration during the June quarter, Helix Resources NL has maintained its geological and geochemical evaluations in Western Australia and South Australia.

Acclaim joins Africa trek

Acclaim Uranium NL has joined its peers with a trek into Africa and scored something of a coup for a small Perth-based explorer.

Glengarry chases base

Like many gold explorers currently, Glengarry Resources NL has joined the hunt for a base metals project.

Mt Grace in magnesium metal push

Mt Grace Resources NL has signed a licensing agreement with Magnesium Developments International to licence the Heggie metallothermic technology for the production of magnesium metal from calcined magnesia.

Troy moves to expand

GOLD miner Troy Resources NL has moved strongly to boost its gold earnings and take over 100 per cent ownership of the Mt Klemptz tenements in the Sandstone area of Western Australia.

Dutch business builder comes to Perth

FLEDGLING WA businesses can now get their enterprise off the ground and establish markets in Europe.

Electrical tester goes synthetic

WA ELECTRICAL goods manufacturers and importers may soon be able to prove their products meet the highest level of new Federal Government standards.

Incubator study for City of Perth

A FEASIBILITY study examining the viability of a business incubator in the City of Perth has been commissioned by the North Metropolitan Perth Area Consult-ative Committee.

Stirling winner proves electric

OMNITRONICS has won the Small Business of the Year and Business with Under 50 Employees categories at the recent Stirling Business Awards.

Butcher reaps dual reward

BELVIDERE Quality Meats had double success at the recent Belmont Small Business Awards, winning both Enterprise of the Year and Quality Management Awards.

Small Business Award Winners

Winners of the Small Business Awards in Stirling and Belmont.

Accountants can balance the environment

The president of the world’s largest alumina producer has challenged accountants to help the resources industry come to grips with the concept of the environmental balance sheet.

Small business concerned over changes to trust taxation

THE forthcoming Review of Business Taxation is likely to significantly alter the entity tax regime.

Farmers join bean counters

The peak farming and accountancy bodies have joined forces to help farmers make the transition to the GST.

Small business needs help

Government initiatives to assist small business with GST compliance are a welcome relief, but more support is needed, warns the Australian Society of Certified Practising Accountants.

Management accounting essentials

Management accounting has developed into one of the most important drivers of business today.

Business ethics can pay dividends

Milton Friedman was of the view that “the business of business is business”. Others before and after him have questioned whether there is a need for business to be involved in social and moral issues.