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Found: Perth’s best risotto & gelati

Arborio rice – whether cooked in Italy or Australia – is the same. Good chicken stock is the same here as it is in Italy. The same can be said for fruit and veg.

Technology alliance seeks moves on CGT

Leading Australian technology associations have banded together to pressure the Federal Government to lower the Capital Gains Tax in order to bring the rate in line with other nations.

$15 billion lost to fraud

CORPORATE fraud affects more than 50 per cent of Australian companies and costs between $15 billion and $20 billion a year, according to the latest national KPMG National Fraud Survey.

Fever tale may have chilling end

Inoculating clients against speculation fever may be a financial planner’s most valuable service right now. It’s not that often I get a sign directly from heaven, so when it happens I really pay attention.

Mergers easier with treaties

COUNTRIES adopting uniform regulatory procedures and offering greater cooperation will make it easier for companies to deal with transnational mergers, says Australian Competition and Consumer Commission chairman, Allan Fels.

Clough revenue up by 7%

CLOUGH Limited has reported record group operating revenue of $646.8 million – up 7 per cent – and a record net profit of $28.1 million – up 8 per cent – before abnormals for the year to 30 June 1999.

Commodity price fall hasn’t hurt profits

LOWER commodity prices have not dented profit takings of companies involved in the mining industry according to the latest data from the Australian Bureau of Statistics.

Councillors fear power erosion

PERTH City Councillors are concerned the new WA Government-proposed Central Perth Planning Committee will further erode their control of the CBD.

Economic future planned

AN ECONOMIC development plan to promote and encourage business opportunities in the City of Perth has been adopted by council.

Barrack development supported

UPGRADE proposals for Barrack Square, including a hotel and restaurant complex and a redevelopment of the jetty area, have been given the support of council.

Comment sought

QUESTIONNAIRES have been sent to Northbridge businesses asking for comment on a trial of multicultural arts and crafts markets in Russell Square.

Crosswalk lights refused

COUNCIL has balked at a proposal to place orange flashing warning lights on the zebra crossing on Kings Park Road east of Havelock Street.

Hong Kong gears for a comeback

ALTHOUGH in its worst recession for decades, Hong Kong is fighting to keep the crown as East Asia’s premier international business and finance centre.

Murdoch Uni to launch China MBA

AN MBA in International Business – China will be offered by Murdoch University next year.

Alternative medicine worth $1b

THE ALTERNATIVE health market in Australia is now worth $1 billion a year.

Premier in Print

WESTERN Australia’s agricultural strength was on show again recently at the Dowerin Field Days.

Businesses seek aid to success

WESTERN Australian success in winning overseas aid contracts has spurred growing interest among local businesses.

Northern plan up for comment

THE Kununurra-Wyndham area is poised to become an important growth hub for northern Australia, according to the draft Kununurra-Wyndham Area Development plan.Planning Minister Graham Kierath said the area’s economy was built on a wide base including pas

Court keeps ‘pet’ projects

Those expecting Premier Richard Court to shy away from his ‘pet projects’ in the face of media pressure will be disappointed.

Growers get $200,000

TWO horticultural producers who found the quality of their corn deteriorated during export to Japan have received $200,000 to develop a cooling chain process to address the problem.

Business credit card offers reward points

A WA bank has launched the first business credit card enabling customers to earn reward points on business expenses.

Market code approved

A CODE of practice covering Australia’s direct marketing industry has been given conditional approval by the Australian Competition and Con-sumer Commission.

Gas industry given boost

EQUIPMENT with the potential to dramatically improve the cost-effectiveness, safety and transport of liquid natural gas exports is being developed by Curtin University of Technology.

Esperance progresses $21m plan

THE Esperance Port Authority is pressing on with the $21 million first phase of its harbour deepening and expansion project.

Nine given research grants

NINE commercial research and development projects have been given WA Government grants.

Bananas win awards

THE SWEETER Banana Company has been awarded a statewide Award for Excellence in Rural WA for securing markets for its smaller, sweeter Lunch Box bananas.

Good ideas not enough to guarantee success

This has been the century when the development and application of science has fed an unprecedented level of technological change.

New generation learn the lessons of the past

I bet you, like me, are not one of the 80% of Australians who love to gamble. We might buy the odd slikpik, or support the footie team raffle, but that is not really gambling, is it?

Super may have lost its lustre

With the myriad of changes in superannuation circles since the first of the taxing legislation was introduced in 1983, a number of people have questioned the efficacy of superannuation as an investment vehicle.