Fleetwood Corporation

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Company Activity

Phillip Campbell
REMUNERATION UPDATE: Phillip Campbell, Non-Executive Chair30 Jun 2020
Bradley Denison
REMUNERATION UPDATE: Bradley Denison, Managing Director30 Jun 2020
Jeff Dowling
REMUNERATION UPDATE: Jeff Dowling, Non-Executive Director30 Jun 2020
Adrienne Parker
REMUNERATION UPDATE: Adrienne Parker, Non-Executive Director30 Jun 2020
Andrew Wackett
REMUNERATION UPDATE: Andrew Wackett, Chief Financial Officer, Joint Company Secretary since 201830 Jun 2020
Yanya O'Hara
REMUNERATION UPDATE: Yanya O'Hara, Company Secretary30 Jun 2020
Stephen Boyle
REMUNERATION UPDATE: Stephen Boyle, Non-Executive Director30 Jun 2020
Greg Tate
REMUNERATION UPDATE: Greg Tate, Non-Executive Director30 Jun 2020
Michael Hardy
REMUNERATION UPDATE: Michael Hardy, Non-Executive Director, Chair since 200930 Jun 2020
John Bond
REMUNERATION UPDATE: John Bond, Non-Executive Director30 Jun 2020


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