BARD1 Life Sciences

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Company Activity

Tony Di Pietro
NEW ROLE: Tony Di Pietro, Chief Financial Officer, Company Secretary03 Aug 2020
Carl Stubbings
NEW ROLE: Carl Stubbings, Chief Operating Officer03 Aug 2020
Helen Fisher
NEW ROLE: Helen Fisher, Non-Executive Director03 Aug 2020
Geoffrey Cumming
NEW ROLE: Geoffrey Cumming, Non-Executive Chair03 Aug 2020
Peter French
NEW ROLE: Peter French, Chief Scientific Officer from 17 August 202024 Jul 2020
Peter Gunzburg
REMUNERATION UPDATE: Peter Gunzburg, Executive Chair, Managing Director30 Jun 2020
Irmgard Irminger-Finger
REMUNERATION UPDATE: Irmgard Irminger-Finger, Executive Director, Chief Scientific Officer30 Jun 2020
Geoffrey Laurent
REMUNERATION UPDATE: Geoffrey Laurent, Non-Executive Director30 Jun 2020
Brett Montgomery
REMUNERATION UPDATE: Brett Montgomery, Non-Executive Director30 Jun 2020
Leearne Hinch
REMUNERATION UPDATE: Leearne Hinch, Chief Executive30 Jun 2020


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