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Are the days of overtime over?

Modern Awards can be confusing, from determining what award applies, to identifying how each job is classified in the award, and then what your people are entitled to… Overtime?

What is the digital bait to hook a top applicant?

It’s common knowledge that often the best applicants are currently employed, however recent studies suggest that nine out of ten Australians are keen to know about a job opportunity regardless of how

Are your wages on the nose? You can cut wages to spite your face

In this current economic climate, many small businesses find themselves faced with the prospect of cutting wages costs.  Gone are the ‘boom’ years when the main concern was finding the right staff, th

Practical Engineering - Getting the hands dirty again and training for the future.

With the future of manufacturing, construction, innovation and development in Australia over the next 20 years of vital importance to the resource sector, it’s time to reset and rethink how we plan to

Learning and Development on a Budget

Your budget for the next year is set and one of the casualties is learning and development; meanwhile your employees are asking what training is available in the coming year.  Believe it or not,

How can remuneration benchmarking impact your bottom line?

The changing Australian economy has resulted in a greater focus on operating costs for many businesses.  Employees are often an organisation's greatest resource, and typically they also represent the

Social media imperative in crises

Recent disasters such as that in Orlando and Brussels have brought home the importance of social media during a crisis.

Whether you like it or not, you compete with Uber

You might think you don’t compete against Uber. The reality is you do. We live in a world where we all need to continuously become more efficient.

Challenging the way we think - Innovation and designing for cost.

Over the past 18 months the drivers in our industry have changed, some would argue for the worse but I would argue for the better.

Employee engagement isn’t an issue in hard times…or is it?

The hard decisions have been made to consolidate your workforce to ensure your business continues to survive in an uncertain and volatile market.

Pursue performance not scale

The WA Mining Club’s latest Education Series unearthed an interesting discussion on innovation and technology. But are we doing it right? More of a good thing is not always better.

Genuine Redundancy – Guaranteed!

Downsizing…. Streamlining….. Restructuring…. Rationalising! Currently in Western Australia, these are all too common terms.

Design and construct turnkey delivery - Owning the process.

With the new ‘normal’ level of commodity prices and lower level of capital investment the resources industry requires every dollar of investment to stretch further and the need has arisen for more cos

Finding the right applicants

There are plenty of job seekers looking for work at the moment.

Ignoring Diversity – at worst discrimination…at best limiting.

Diversity in your workplace isn’t just a buzz phrase that will eventually fade from popularity.

How can government improve customer service using its own data?

Government departments are being thrown the challenge: improve customer service levels with the same or reduced costs.

The right system for a better outcome

The way systems should be introduced to a business is evolving quickly. At the same time, the necessity for a systems-based business is more evident than ever.

How to Keep Your “Rock Star” Employees

Most managers are concerned with how to retain their best or “rock-star” employees, particularly at a time when they may be unsettled with redundancies in other areas of the business, yet many manager

Think better – Neuroscience: the next competitive advantage

It’s fast becoming a deeply-embedded yearning of our time.

Apartments Reward the smart investor

It’s no secret that the Perth property market is currently skewed in favour of buyers.

The bridge to China

Australia needs to leverage its existing Chinese population and deep pool of Chinese students to build its commercial links with China.