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Digital transformation creates competitive advantage

GAINING a better understanding of its field operations using cloud-based technologies has been key to Sodexo’s recent success.


For many, 2020 heralded in a new beginning, the dawn of a new decade with so many exciting possibilities on the horizon.

Crisis communications – how being prepared will help your business

When a crisis occurs, it is often those that have systems in place to mitigate that crisis that best handle the situation.

Solutions to help your business get through the crisis

Australian businesses are facing unprecedented challenges as the coronavirus crisis continues. As long-time experts in cloud-based remote work solutions, Envision Digital are uniquely positioned to help Australian businesses as they transition to remote work.

Authenticity, values key to enacting change

CHANGE is one of those things that’s certainly ‘easier said than done’ according to Jen Evans, who is a director at Velrada - a contemporary technology partner that brings true business context to the

Digital transformation a boost for business

As technological advancements continue to accelerate at pace, businesses are faced with the reality of constant innovation and transformation, but what does that actually look like?

Flexible Workspaces

True to the long history and traditions of the company, the new workplace of this international oil and gas company was inspired in both the work style and design by their cultural origins.

Is it time to outsource your ICT? Get support during COVID-19

Outsourcing your Information, Communications and Technology (ICT) services to a specialist solutions provider is something to be embraced in the age of rapidly changing technology.

Online Learning Can Work if it is Designed for Gen Z

Lessons from Crimson Education, online learning experts. As the global pandemic COVID-19 (Coronavirus) has spread, the fast-growing virus has begun disrupting education, forcing schools to question how to best educate students remotely.

APIL finds renewed confidence in Perth’s office market

Market commentators are reporting that the Perth CBD office market is on the road to recovery, but it will take more than positive comments to restore investor faith in one of the property industry’s most volatile sectors.

The rare waterfront views redefining apartment living

Nestled among lush parklands on the banks of Ascot Waters, Blackburne’s latest property development is seeking to challenge perceptions of what it means to live in an apartment.

Annualised Salaries – key questions for employers

The new Annualised Wage provisions by Fair Work Commission places new and potentially onerous requirements on employers who pay annualised salaries in substitution for applicable award rates. These changes will impact the way many companies set pay rates, employee time keeping, inform employees, reconcile payroll records and deal with potential underpayments.

Keeping workers safe in unprecedented infrastructure boom

Australian capital cities are in the middle of an unprecedented infrastructure spend this decade. However, the delivery of such world class infrastructure revealed by way of a prestigious award highlights the potential health risks to the thousands of workers who support these projects.

Is all risk risky?

Business is fraught with risk. Taking on innovation has risk, striving for growth has risk, and testing new markets has risk. But the biggest risk to business is avoiding risk altogether.

Lift-off: Trading up the EU-WA relationship

Perth is the Australian city where Europe reaches for the stars, literally and figuratively.

Direct feedback key in accountability

One of the key phrases of education in recent years has been making students ‘work ready’. This essentially means teaching them the tools to be able to go out and thrive in a workplace.

How specialist residential assets will re-shape WA’s traditional development landscape

The residential development sector in WA has suffered more than its fair share of battle scars.

Mentoring, values and purpose

Deep diving on values and purpose to define how we engage with our world and shape how and what we deliver.

Why unlisted property funds will take the spotlight in 2020 and beyond

Shares often take centre stage when it comes to building a wealth portfolio, but there’s another asset class that’s been waiting in the wings, developing a strong foundation for investment portfolios.

Modern luxury living that still feels like home

Many Australians have always aspired to own a home in the burbs, complete with pool, backyard and a verandah out the front. But you don’t need to have a big home, garden and outdoor entertaining area to live in comfort in the inner city.

Nexteel paints new future for steel

Contrary to the popular saying, it’s often what’s on the outside that counts when it comes to a building’s structural integrity.