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Should there be more women in Australian boardrooms?

This International Women’s Day the Australian Institute of Company Directors asked nine prominent female directors to read out some of the feedback we received when we asked if there should be more wo

5 tips to make your LinkedIn profile stand out

At a recent AICD event, professional LinkedIn profile and résumé writer Karen Tisdell shared her top tips on enhancing your online presence and why you should treat LinkedIn as seriously as any face-t

3 common behaviours that can stand between you and high performance

While all boards aspire to high performance, many fall well short of that goal.

7 ways to improve the AGM

The annual general meeting has come under fire for not staying relevant in the contemporary corporate governance environment.

What are you doing to get in your customers’ consideration set?

In a typical customer journey, so much of the marketing effort centres on customer retention and loyalty – after all, it’s cheaper and easier to keep a customer than to win a new one, right?

In the cloud, everything is perfect until all it goes wrong

Clouds are everywhere: public, private, hybrid… and with prices dropping almost daily they are becoming more affordable to all sizes of businesses. When everything is working fine, life is good – but are you prepared for if it all goes wrong? 

50 Fewer Shades of Remuneration

Over the past 18 months we have seen companies slash costs; reduce head counts and lower salaries. Some of the questions now being asked are:

ASIC's accounting warning for directors

ASIC has issued two important releases on preparing financial statements and on upcoming changes to accounting standards. AICD Senior Policy Adviser Kerry Hicks explains what directors need to know.

5 top global risks in 2017

A new report, based on a survey of experts, ranks the top global risks that could shake your organisation in 2017.

To Trademark or Not to Trademark?

If you’re a business owner, you may have heard of the term ‘trademark’, and you may wonder whether you need one, or whether registering your business name is enough to protect you and your business fr

Inadvertent bias can taint your focus

It is a given that research allows businesses to understand their marketplaces. That said, gathering masses of data doesn’t mean you’re getting the answers you need.

How to get your board career started

When setting out on a board career, you can’t expect to jump straight on to an ASX 20 board.

Interview techniques for aspiring directors

Whether you are an aspiring director or a director with many years’ experience behind you, one should never underestimate the power of preparation for that next board interview.

Traps to avoid when writing surveys

Writing a survey from scratch is not a doddle.

Is Good Pay Governance Applicable to NED’s?

In this article, we share lessons learnt on factors to consider when setting Non-Executive Directors (NED’s) pay, and propose a transparent approach in defining competitive and defensible remuneration

Using Intellectual Property in HR

The most inane piece of corporate feel-good tripe being spouted by CEOs and middle managers is: "Our people are our biggest asset".

How backups can save your business from cyber crime

Ransomware is casting a shadow across Australian business, as enterprises large and small fall victim to cyber criminals.

Don't be too quick to dismiss

When it comes to employee misconduct, employers are often caught up in the emotion and quick to infer guilt.

Maximising your Prospects of Getting Paid

The number of businesses in Western Australia that are appointing insolvency practitioners to administer them have been steadily increasing over the past decade.

Start a business with the end in mind

In the early years of its operation a small business will often be embattled with IT issues.