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How to survive more than 50 years in business

A few years ago, my husband and I were shopping around for a new car.

Business Advice with Pragma Legal's Aaron McDonald and Cullen Macleod's Catriona Macleod

PODCAST: Mark Pownall talks to Aaron McDonald from Pragma Legal and Catriona Macleod from Cullen Macleod about the WA commercial and civil legal market, including the rise of technology and increase in client bargaining power.

Law Society #LawMatters: The Law Society Brings Design Thinking to the Legal Profession

The Law Society is embracing design thinking as part of our core professional education offering in 2019.

Understanding your rights under the Independent Contractors Act

The Independent Contractors Act 2006 (Cth) (Act) seeks to establish the legal obligations, liabilities and rights that arise in service contracts between independent contractors and businesses.

Leadership WA Spotlight Series

Katie Valentine is a Partner at KPMG Australia and leads the Operations Advisory practice in WA and the mining consulting team nationally.

Five questions to ask about your next board role

Deciding whether to take on a new board role can be a complex process involving due diligence, commercial sensitivity and canny detective work.

Innovation strikes again... this time in WA

Innovative and forward thinking is a skill that doesn’t fall short within our Engineering and Design team.

New beginnings: why the death of trust could be good news for your business

One of the best things about being on holiday, in my view, is the opportunity to indulge in little luxuries guilt-free.

6 big issues for directors in 2019

As the New Year shapes up as another big year in the governance space for directors, here the AICD Advocacy team take a look at the big issues for boards.

Digital Infrastructures - Designed to Outlast and Outperform

As parents, grandparents and leaders in our industry, it’s up to us to do everything we can possibly do to make the world’s greatest and most powerful data centres, but we must do it, so they are more

Benchmarking costs: are you getting the best price from your suppliers?

Ruth Cohen interviews Grant Morrow, Principal Consultant from Expense Reduction Analysts.

Research on most difficult to treat breast cancer wins national awards

At the Harry Perkins Institute of Medical Research in Nedlands, Dr Anabel Sorolla Bardaji and a cancer research team, is investigating the use of tiny ‘nanoparticles’ as a treatment for one of the mos

The changing face of insurance in Australia

Ruth Cohen interviews Peter Chapman, General Manager of Expense Reduction Analysts Asia Pacific’s Insurance Team.

Perth scientist on international hunt for neuromuscular disease genes

The search for disease genes that affect people’s ability to perform voluntary movements is taking Perth scientist Sarah Beecroft, and precious genetic material from Australia and New Zealand, to Lond

NEXTDC and Superloop in Perth bring Singapore 4,000kms closer to Sydney

NEXTDC and Superloop to offer Australia’s fastest route to Asia.

Three things aged-care providers can do before the Royal Commission wringer

If the Royal Commission into Financial Services is anything to go by, Australian aged care providers are about to be put through the wringer. The terms of reference of the Royal Commission into Aged C

Fit for purpose or fit for fashion: are you paying too much for your uniforms and PPE?

Ruth Cohen interviews David Rounsevell about what’s new in the uniforms and personal safety.

False optimism or real progress in WA?

People in WA are pretty excited right now. Well, not quite as excited as the kids counting down the days until Christmas. But as excited as you can get about the economy.

How to stop ‘customer-centricity’ being a meaningless mantra - Part two

The challenge facing any organisation seeking to develop a truly customer-centric culture is how to get past paying lip service to an ideal and build a focus on customers into the organisational DNA.

Leadership WA Spotlight Series

David Lantzke is the CEO of Ardross Group, one of Western Australia’s leading property developers.

Cost Management for Hospitals, Aged & Residential Care Facilities

Following on from the previous interview with Grant Morrow on cost reduction opportunities in schools, Ruth Cohen addresses the opportunities for Hospitals, Aged and Residential Care Facilities.