Carolyn Simmonds

Massive project to ‘pull the plug’

MINING the Hope Downs iron ore deposit in the Pilbara will require dropping the level of the surrounding water table more than 180 metres below its current level, and raising it back up when the mine is eventually decommissioned.

Improving the bottom line

IS your bottom effecting your bottom line?Sitting on your bum for too many hours every day could be the cause of all your back pains, according to chronic pain and muscular skeletal specialist Keat Wong.

Tidal pressure mounts

FEDERAL Liberal MPs have stepped up the pressure on the State Government to back the controversial $335 million Derby Tidal Power Station proposal.

Foss, CCI seek constitutional amendment

THE Chamber of Commerce and Industry and the Western Australian Attorney General, Peter Foss, have renewed their call for a constitutional amendment to cover co-operative schemes between Commonwealth and state governments.

AlintaGas bill discrepancy

ONE of the first orders of business for the soon-to-be privatized AlintaGas will be to sort out its gas transmission bill.

How to win the war with stress

YOU know you're stressed when doing 10 years in Casuarina for the accidental death of that certain colleague, who never puts paper in the fax or the printer or the photocopier when they run out, starts to seem reasonable.

Industry needs more innovation, says professor

INDUSTRY needs to increase the number of strategically and technically competent company directors if it is to become more innovative.That is according to Rio Tinto's former managing director now deputy chairman of the Australian Minerals Research C...

GST questions answered

Q. I operate a small business that sells mainly to business customers. I have decided to keep my prices the same because some customers have threatened to go elsewhere if I raise my prices. Am I doing the right thing?A. You deal mainly with business...

Comings & Goings

THE following company personnel changes have been notified to the WA office of the Australian Stock Exchange:Rick Crabb has been appointed as Non-Executive Chairman of Ashburton Minerals NL following the resignation of Charles MacKinnon from the Boa...

Universities big players in economy

AUSTRALIA'S universities contribute $10.6 billion annually to the Australian economy- about 2 per cent of gross domestic product - with a total economic impact of over $22 billion, according to university research.The research report Of Dollars and C

Gas sale satisfies Nevill

MEET WA'S $319.5 million man.Last year, independent MP Mark Nevill, who holds the balance of power in the Legislative Council, cast his deciding vote in favour of the sale of AlintaGas.

Hunting the headhunters needs advance planning

WHAT does an employee need to do to take the next step along their career path? According to Perth's top headhunters there are several steps that should be taken.Dunhill Management Services Group general manager Bruce Henderson said the worst thing ...



Rio Tinto$21.40bn
BHP Billiton Iron Ore$17.97bn
North West Shelf Venture$16.84bn
Fortescue Metals Group$8.12bn
Gold Corporation$5.81bn
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