WA facing 10,000 job losses: economist

At least 10,000 jobs are forecast to go in Western Australia over the next 18 months as an economic forecaster projects a 50 per cent fall in mining investments over the next two years.

BIS Shrapnel senior economist Richard Robinson said the 10,000 figure is the least amount of job losses currently forecast, adding that "it could possibly be worse".


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Peter McMullan
I wish all the economic forcasters would stop grandstanding and being negative. There is NO recesion in WA. What they are not telling you is how many new jobs are being filled: Worsleys Bechtel Bluewaters Power RGP 5 & 6 Gorgon Black Tip Hope Downs South BHPB Pyranees Woodside - Pluto Ask any supplier to the Mining/Oil & Gas industries & they are all positive. I was exhibiting at the Oil/Gas show last week & its all go.

Mike Bauer
Where does WA place 10,000 workers in the iterim while we wait for the confidence to return? The light will turn green again and where will all the workers be? Workers are jobjetting all over the country. While Oil and Gas contracts are continually being put together should the driving force not be retention and training by the government?

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