Joseph Poprzeczny

Joseph Poprzeczny has taught politics, economic history and history at three Australian universities and been a researcher/personal assistant to three federal parliamentarians. He has over 30-years experience as a politics and education reporter and columnist and served as research director of Perth Chamber of Commerce. His biography of the 20th century’s major genocidal killer, Hitler’s Man in the East, Odilo Globocnik, was released in the US in 2004 and republished by the Czech Academy of Sciences in 2009.

Recent articles

Shorten plays to win the base

Bill Shorten seems intent on winning support of the Labor rank and file before taking on the government.

Stains remain among Labor’s dirty laundry

It matters not whom one believes in the ABC documentary The Killing Season, the answer's the same for Labor.

Fifa furphy inquiry just the start

An investigation into Australia's failed bid for the Fifa world cup should be just the start of a closer look at how taxpayers' money is spent overseas.

Genie out of the bottle in Iraq

The situation in Iraq is rapidly heading towards one of two social and political outcomes, both unpalatable to the West.

Concern as blue-ribbon seats go Green

Both the major political parties are worried about the Greens' growing influence at the national level.

Governments do their own ‘double dipping’

Duplication of services across all levels of government is costing the economy billions.

Abbott banks on flamboyant largesse

The federal government seems to have abandoned any effort at budget repair, and is instead focused on securing re-election.

New Silk Road to test China’s limits

China is banking on two enormous infrastructure projects helping it to shape the economic environment around its interests.

WA group gives Pope the word

In an unprecedented move, a local lobby group has written to the Pope urging him to reconsider his stance on climate change.

China’s territorial quest marches on

China's expansionist intentions in the South China Sea are becoming more apparent, much to the concern of Asean nations and their allies.

Huff and puff won’t blow this house down

Provocative comments by the premier and his treasurer are playing well at home, but have found few allies elsewhere.

Straight talk could save budget

The government should be preparing the ground for a tough budget, not shying away from the heavy lifting.



Rio Tinto$26.71bn
BHP Billiton Iron Ore$24.30bn
North West Shelf Venture$19.62bn
Fortescue Metals Group$12.48bn
Woodside Petroleum$6.09bn
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